Survival Horror Games



Any new horror-based game is always going to grab my attention as I love horror. That is true even if the game has a very hard-to-say name like Labyrinthine here! As of writing, this is a game that ...

Bonnie Simulator 1.3.1


I am a pretty big Five Nights At Freddy’s fan and one of the best things about FNAF is the vast amount of fan games that are out there. Bonnie Simulator is a fan game that as the name suggests, has ...

Resident Evil Village


Today we are looking at the brand new (as I write this) Resident Evil Village. I played the PS5 version of the game, but it is also available for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. This was my ...



DEVOUR is a horror game that is actually a prequel to another horror game called, The Watchers. I am always down for a horror game and while you can play this on your own, it is much better when ...

Left 4 Dead


It is crazy for me to think that Left 4 Dead was originally released over a decade ago! I spent so much time playing this on the Xbox 360 it is crazy, but lately, I have gotten back into the game ...

Amnesia: Rebirth


It is kind of crazy to think that Amnesia: Dark Descent is now a decade old! That game really was a massive hit with streamers back in the day. Amnesia: Rebirth takes place around 100 years after The ...

Slendytubbies 3 v1.295


From what I have read, Slendytubbies 3 is the end of this incredibly strange, but captivating horror series. In case you do not know, Slendytubbies is the mixing of the Slender Man games (check out ...



I have always had an interest in sharks, be it Shark Week, shark movies or the giant shark skeleton they have at my local museum. Sharks in video games though have never really worked, but with ...

Slender: The Arrival


Believe it or not Slender: The Arrival was a game that I was really looking forward to. I found the lore behind The Slender Man interesting and spent a lot of time with Slender: The Eight Pages. ...



Kholat is a survival horror/walking simulator style of an indie game. As a fan of horror movies, games, and books, this is a game that I have been meaning to try out for a while. It is one of those ...

Survival horror games are a genre of computer games that have become popular recently, and now almost every horror game has survival elements. The games of this type are designed to scare the player, and also to force him to collect resources needed for survival.

Usually, the player begins the adventure just bare hands and no weapons. During the game, he will have a chance to collect better equipment, acquire medicaments and other useful items. A flagship game of this genre is the famous Japanese brand Resident Evil.

The popularity of the modern survival horror games dates back to the first Resident Evil game which was released in 1996. The series, despite its ups and downs, is considered to be a prime example of how to produce such games.

At the base of the survival horror games mechanics is a system of exploration and exploitation of the elements of the environment. The player is cast into an unfriendly, often nightmarish world. By collecting items and combining them in the right way, the players create increasingly advanced weapons and gear.

For example, by picking up various herbs, he can eventually combine them to form strong medications. The second important aspect of this type of games is the fear of the player, which often involves the atmosphere of being hunted.

Another important element that underlies this genre is the worlds. The survival horror games take place in different environments, either in the vast open worlds or in closed claustrophobic locations. Most often, however, the area in which the player moves is limited, either by fog, as in the Silent Hill series, or by closed doors, as in Rule of Rose. Many games of this genre have become absolute classics, and the action on the computer monitors is often transferred to the cinema screens.