DEVOUR is a horror game that is actually a prequel to another horror game called, The Watchers. I am always down for a horror game and while you can play this on your own, it is much better when played with a few friends. If you love getting scared and things that go bump in the night this is well worth your time.

How to Download DEVOUR

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The Game Review

The story of the game is about a woman called Anna. Anna is the leader of this cult that is dedicated to a demon called Azazel. Anna and her cult have performed a ritual to bring Azazel into our world, but it goes wrong and he ends up possessing Anna and now it is a race against time to try and reverse the ritual!

You play the game in the first person and the goal is to find the things that you need to reverse this ritual. You need to find a pit, gasoline, and a bunch of goats to sacrifice. DEVOUR is random so each time you play it, things are in different places so no two playthroughs will ever be exactly the same.

The whole time you are doing this Anna is stalking you. Not only that, but she has summoned in a bunch of demons to help her too! Your only line of defense is to either run away and hide or use your flashlight to scare them off. The things chasing you get faster and more cunning as you progress. This can sometimes be frustrating as it feels like as soon as Anna spots you, you are dead!

When one of the team has been “got” it is not a game over. Other players can revive a fallen teammate and this is pretty damn intense. You want to help your teammate, but at the same time, you also know that this could also put you in harm’s way and then you both end up dead on the floor.

While you can play the game on your own, I found it to be nowhere near as fun. You need to play this with friends and actually be communicating with each other. One, this makes things easier, but two it is funny when you hear someone freaking out when they get scared!

The presentation is decent enough for a budget-priced game. The house is creepy as hell and the use of lighting is great, although not ideal if you are sensitive to flashing light. The only issue I have is the character models of the people you play as which are really basic looking.

DEVOUR is a short game, but it is also one that I had a lot of fun with. While it can be played on your own, you really need some buddies to get the best out of this. It only costs a few bucks and it is the kind of game that will have you screaming and laughing as you try to send Azazel back to hell!

DEVOUR is a survival horror game with an exciting co-op mode. Download it now and stop the evil cult leader.
8.5 Total Score
DEVOUR Review Summary

  • The premise of the game is pretty cool
  • I liked the use of lighting
  • It is a great game to play with your friends
  • Each round is randomized
  • Playing on your own sees the game lose most of its appeal
  • The lighting is a bit much for those with photosensitive epilepsy
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