VR Games

Project Wingman


With many people referring to this as a spiritual successor to Ace Combat, Project Wingman is a game I have been interested in for quite some time. This is not some kind of complicated, stuffy flight ...



Virtual Reality has been around for a while, and none of us like it much. There aren’t many games for the virtual reality experience honestly, and if there are they don’t really play any differently ...



DEVOUR is a horror game that is actually a prequel to another horror game called, The Watchers. I am always down for a horror game and while you can play this on your own, it is much better when ...

Star Wars: Squadrons


I was very excited when Star Wars: Squadrons was revealed. Say what you want, but I have enjoyed all of the EA Star Wars games so far and this one is fantastic. It is like a throwback to the days of ...



So far for me, Phasmophobia is the biggest surprise hit of 2020. I love scary games, movies and things that go bump in the night and Phasmophobia feels like it was made for me. Those who love movies ...

Slender: The Arrival


Believe it or not Slender: The Arrival was a game that I was really looking forward to. I found the lore behind The Slender Man interesting and spent a lot of time with Slender: The Eight Pages. ...

Half-Life: Alyx


I loved Half-Life, consider Half-Life 2 to be one of the best games of all time and I loved both the Half-Life 2 episodes that were released. Like many people, Half-Life: Alyx is a game that I feel ...

Emily Wants To Play


I love scary games and Emily Wants To Play certainly made me jump more than once! This is a survival-based horror game that is popular with YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Any game that features ...

Virtual reality games are three-dimensional experiences that provide interaction between the player and the artificial environment that is created. These games are designed using virtual reality software which allows the user to experience the gaming world as a real-world environment. These games feature realistic visual details, clear auditory sensations, and other sensory feedback.

The game has many genres that make the users experience different virtual experiences. Ranging from real-life events to fantasy-based figures, these games help the users to explore out of the ordinary physical interactions.

The control of the game is relatively easy and involves the use of computing keypads, a touchscreen device, or merely a mouse. A more advanced gaming technique includes a particular VR room that is designed primarily for these types of video games. The players are provided with a VR headset along with wearable VR gaming components that include sensory devices for sensory perception.

VR games vary in the type of game being played by the user. Some VR games enable the players to make movement and get the feel of real-life action taking place around them. On the other hand, some VR games require the user to be seated in a single position and control the movements via the use of a keyboard, mouse, or other game controller methods. Recent VR games have introduced an integrated system of the real physical environment along with objects that produce realistic sounds, images, and other sensations.

How to Download VR Games

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The Future of VR

In the coming years, we should expect the technology to become better with new hardware being developed and the games having more realistic graphics.