Blade and Sorcery

Getting sword and sorcery style combat right in VR has proven to be something many developers have a hard time with. Blade and Sorcery though is offering the most satisfying combat I have played in VR to date. The game as I write this is still in early access, but this is a great example of how good VR can be and it is showing a ton of promise.

How to Download Blade and Sorcery

You can download the game from Steam. If you like fantasy VR titles, check out also our review of GORN.

The Game Review

The game has only a few maps (three as I write this) for you to select from. Once this is done, you can select what kind of weapons you want! You can have a weapon on your hips, behind your back and you even have a magic attack. I like the selection of things like spears, swords and so on, but I do feel that the “sorcery” aspect of the game is a bit lacking as of right now.

Once your loadout for battle has been chosen, you need to select the difficulty level you want and then you are ready for VR style medieval war! The goal of Blade and Sorcery is to fight wave after wave of enemies and that as of right now is all there is to it. This is of course, very limited and I do hope that there is some kind of narrative/campaign added at some point.

The melee combat is so satisfying though that it actually makes up for the overall lack of content. You will need a decent rig to run this, but the game tracks your movements near perfectly. Your attacks are so precise, so realistic and so hard-hitting that you will wince as you stab a spear through some dude’s neck!

This game is very, very violent! The weight of the weapons and how well they handle gives your attacks a very realistic feel to them which I like. The spellcasting aspect of the game as of right now is rather limited. I found myself using this lighting attack and just sticking with that, although the one that gives you the ability to slow things down is very cool as well.

What I think that this game does very well is just being a ton to play. While there may be no point in doing what you are doing yet. The gameplay is so satisfying that it makes Blade and Sorcery the kind of game you can fire up and have fun with for 20-30 minutes to blow off a little steam after a hard day at work.

Even in the early access state that it is currently on Steam with, Blade and Sorcery is easy to recommend. This is a great VR game and a game that I feel is going to be something extra special once they have spent more time on things. I am looking very forward to more weapons being added and seeing what other magic spells they have in store.

Blade and Sorcery
Blade and Sorcery is a virtual reality fantasy action game. Download it now and engage in combat with weapons and magic.
9.5 Total Score
Blade and Sorcery Review Summary

  • The combat is the most satisfying I have come across in VR
  • I love stabbing people with the spear
  • The magic is limited, but still works well
  • It may lack maps, but the ones that are here feel different from each other
  • It is very bloody, violent and hard-hitting!
  • Not much in the way of actual content here right now
  • It may be a bit violent and realistic for some
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