Gorn is a brutal and bloody combat simulator which pits warriors against one another in gladiatorial fashion. There are no three ways about it; this game comes with a mature content warning. If you can stomach the blood, guts and pure barbarism of it all, then this is the game for you. The ultra-violent sim developed by Free Lives is a prime example of “fisty-cuff” carnage in its element. Provided you have the stomach for it.

How to Download Gorn

To download Gorn, you should click on the Download button located at the end of the review. If you’re after VR games you should also try Onward, Pavlov VR and Beat Saber. They are all good.

The Game Review: A Showcase Slobber Knocker

Relieve the days of the Colosseum and work your way up to be the ultimate fighter. If you don’t mind a few scuffs, scrapes and scars along the way, those with a violent streak will feel right at home in the cauldron of chaos. Again, this is not for those weak of will, or perhaps the large percentage of folk who would prefer not to have their stomachs churned. Then again, each to their own, I suppose. We all have our vices…

Since this game is born from the same team responsible for Genital Jousting and Broforce, there’s little wonder, that Gorn was destined to be a gore-feast. I mean, it’s evident that the blood-thirsty theme would carry on. So then, let’s examine the critical components to this do-or-die sim making headway in the market.

This close-quarters face smasher of a game is very much hand-to-hand based. Here, players play out their gruesome, gladiatorial kicks by facing each other in the field of battle.

Perhaps a word of caution before we continue. When setting up your VR, please make sure you have plenty of room to execute attacks. After all, when the adrenaline is pumping, and the blood is coursing through the veins, nearby objects are just as vulnerable to a left hook as any goons found in the arena.

Let’s face it; Virtual battle scars are better than real ones I’m sure. Indeed, despite all the fun, this game should come with a disclaimer.

Essentially, Gorn is a game of pure escapism. For those that wish to play out their freakish and violent fantasies. In addition to bare-knuckle brutality, players can make use of a vast array of weaponry. Players have the option of choosing from double-handed war-hammers. Alongside maces, swords, nunchucks and of course wolverine-like claws because no game is complete these days without a Marvel reference thrown into the mix.

Safe to say, this is not family-friendly material. Just an example, players can decapitate enemy’s limb by limb, force eyeballs to pop out from the socket and tear out the beating heart from a live corpse. Hence, this is pure unadulterated, glorified violence. However, it stands-out loud and proud, despite this fact.

Regarding a challenge, Gorn doesn’t pack much of a punch. That said, I never thought I’d lower my morality to this, but the beauty lies in the brutality. The more imaginative the kill, the more handsome the reward, at least for those blood-hungry sadists out there. Although, the enemy A.I is weak at best and attacks are few and far between.

All in all, Gorn is a game that will appeal to fans of brutal combat sims, and perhaps first-person shooters. Alternatively, Gorn will probably be an unattractive proposition to many gaming purists. As I said, if violence is your name, Gorn is the game for you.

What are your thoughts on this fun and frantic punch em up? Please write in with your suggestions below.

Gorn is a virtual reality game in which you play as a gladiator. Download it now for some brutal, deadly cartoon action.
10 Total Score
GORN Review Summary

  • Insane levels of gore
  • Extensive arsenal
  • Wonderfully cartoonish world
  • Repetitious gameplay
  • Poor enemy AI and physics
  • Grizzly decapitations (not everyone’s idea of fun)
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