Job Simulator

Job Simulator! My real job sucks why would I want to pretend to be at work? Well, that is part of the charm of Job Simulator. This is a game that makes fun of the work day and lets you mess around and try your best to get through the work day in the most messed up, weird and funny way possible.

How to Download Job Simulator

To start your download, click on the button located below the review. The game can be obtained from Steam. If you’re a fan of wacky simulator games, check out also Mother Simulator, Surgeon Simulator or Goat Simulator. On the other hand, if you like funny VR games you should download Gorn that will have you fight as a gladiator, well that’s a job too, isn’t it?

The Game Review

Before we start it is important that you know, Job Simulator is a VR game and it is a VR only game. I played the PlayStation 4 version, but it is also available on PC. So please keep in mind that this is VR only.

Job Simulator is split into four different jobs. You can work as a car repair person, a guy in a convenience store, an office worker and a gourmet chef. These are (not to put down these kinds of jobs at all) what you would describe as “normal” jobs. I think that the developers picked these kinds of jobs on purpose as they could have fun with them.

Your “boss” is a robot and they do not care how the tasks get done just as long as they get done. This means that the way you go around doing different jobs is really left up to your imagination. When you are working in the office, what would happen if you were to say put your hand in the copier? Throw the stapler at the robot? Well, have some fun and find out.

Maybe that smoothie you need to make would benefit from a little bit of dish soap? If you can think it, they chances are you can do it in Job Simulator. Each workplace is full of cupboards, cabinets, desks and so on that are full of items for you to interact with. As this is a VR game it can sometimes be a little “off” but I found that the items would just appear on the desk if you do drop them which was nice and handy.

Job Simulator is more of a party game. While it is single player only, it is the kind of game that is more fun if you play with other people in the room. They can laugh at the dumb stuff you are doing and also as the game shows what you are doing on the TV. Your friends or family can shout suggestions at you for things to do.

I would say that Job Simulator is a pretty fun game. However, while there are four different jobs the shtick of the game is the same through all of the jobs so it may wear a little thin after a while. Each job does have plenty of tasks for you to do and as I said how you do them really is up to you, but I am not sure if this is enough to make you want to play this for hours on end.

Job Simulator is a great showcase of how VR works and it does let you be pretty creative. The humor in this game is great and you will find yourself smiling the whole time you play it. If you have PlayStation VR or a VR setup for your PC and the game can be had for 10 to 15 bucks it could be worth checking out, especially if you like to play with friends in the same room.

Job Simulator
Job Simulator is a science fiction virtual reality game in which you have tons of fun in a museum controlled by robots. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Job Simulator Review Summary

  • The humor is very well done
  • You can be really creative with how you do your job
  • Four different jobs for you to work at
  • Cartoony visuals are nice
  • Great to play with other people watching
  • Not the kind of game that has hours and hours of content
  • Sometimes dropping things can be annoying
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