Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is a cross between a simulator and an action game. In this unusual downloadable game, you play as the animal and travel the world. The developer of this game is the Swedish studio Coffee Stain Studios and the publisher of Coffee Stain Publishing. The simulator was created in April 2014. Coffee Stain Studios is also responsible for such titles as Sanctum and Sanctum 2 (tower defense and FPS hybrids) and many additions to these series.

How to Download Goat Simulator

To do this, click on the button located below the review. The game is available on Steam,

There’s another game based on a similar idea – Amazing Frog? This one, however, despite favorable reviews, did not beat Goat Simulator in terms of fame, which is one of the most interesting items on the market. The game is paid.

What is This All About?

The goal of the game is to become a goat and cause the greatest damage possible to property and people. The story in the game does not inspire awe and in fact is not too complicated. And this is also probably the reason for the success of Goat Simulator. The game itself, however, gives you a real treat. By controlling your hircine friend, you can look into different places, jump over obstacles, and ram everything. Skyscraper jumping is also possible. For all these exploits you are rewarded with points. Your crazy hero has also enemies in the virtual world, with whom it fights to get even more points. These foes can include sheep, bears and… demons.

The game offers a large open world, where you can basically do what you want. The area is extensive and consists of various maps. The city has tall buildings, streets, park, and a cemetery. On each map, you can perform various tasks and challenges

The game developers have tried to make this virtual world look as realistic as possible. They put everything there: people, vehicles, flying objects, buildings, and animals. All these objects can have a direct influence on the goat and are not just decorations. Some of them can be destroyed and modified.

The Graphics and the Reviews

The 3D in-game graphics make a good impression. The colors are well-chosen, and the weather simulations seem real enough. The game engine faithfully reflects real-life physics. All collisions, falls, and jumps are natural.

On the internet, you will find a lot of materials about the simulator – movies, guides, information. These resources make the game much easier to play.

The reviews and opinions about Goat Simulator are generally very good. The game enjoys a loyal group of fans around the world and Goat Simulator has been released in over a dozen language versions.

Initially, Goat Simulator was a joke of Swedish programmers, but as the interest in the game grew, they decided to finish and release the game.

Goat Simulator: the Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of the game aren’t too high. The minimum version requires a dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free disk space. To run the game in the maximum specification, you must have a quad-core processor and 4 GB RAM.

Apart from desktop versions, the game has also ports for mobile systems and for the consoles.

Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator is a TPP game that under the guise of a simulator. In reality, it is just a crazy action game. In an open world, controlling a goat, you try to destroy everything. Download the game and see how cool it is.
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