Construction Simulator

I am loving most of these simulator-style games and Construction Simulator here had already been released, but it is back with a bunch of cool new stuff in this latest version. Look, if you enjoy other simulator-style games like Bus Simulator and Police Simulator, I am sure you will enjoy this.

How to Download Construction Simulator

You can download the game from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also Construction Simulator 2 and Construction Simulator 2015.

The Game Review

We have two campaigns in Construction Simulator. One of the campaigns is set in a city in the USA and the other is set in a more rural part of Germany. Between the two areas, you have around 90 missions that you need to complete so there is a lot of content here that will keep you busy.

The idea of the game is that we are starting our own construction business and with our mentor, we are starting out having to take on fairly smaller jobs. You need to build your business up so you can get more expensive equipment so that you can take on more demanding and profitable jobs.

One of the things that I think is pretty cool is how each location has a very different style for the jobs you will be required to do. For example, in the city-based USA section, you may have to work on a large area to help with tourism or repair a part of the city that was damaged.

When you are in Germany, things are a bit different as you do stuff like helping build places to work on renewable energy. The variety in the missions gives each map its own feel which I think goes a long way to making each area feel like a different experience and that is pretty cool.

What I find the most fun here is that we get to go behind the wheel of all this awesome construction equipment. If you loved playing with Tonka trucks and other construction vehicles when you were a kid, you will get a huge kick out of this. You move your character around the work site, take control of the equipment and get to work.

You are always working towards taking on that next job and certain clients can be easier to work with than others! You are also working towards getting better and more impressive equipment that allows you to take on these more profitable jobs. Plus, the bigger and more dangerous equipment is always more fun to use.

Now, Construction Simulator is very proud of the fact that they have secured some major licenses for this game. I am ignorant of this stuff, but I do know the company Caterpillar I had a kickass pair of Cat boots in the 90s, and they along with many other brands are included in this game. I am sure if you are knowledgeable about this kind of stuff, that is pretty awesome.

Now, as great as the idea of this game is, I did have a few troubles. I had a couple of missions that did not work! Sometimes they would not activate so I could not start and others they would not state that they were completed. I would restart and it would be ok, but it was a pretty big annoyance if I am being honest.

There is also a multiplayer component to the game which I have heard is a lot of fun. I would love to play this with a buddy, running our own construction company, trying to grow it, and making tons of cash! However, I have not had the chance to play this with a friend so I cannot say how good it is, but from what I have read, it does sound like it is fun.

I do feel that there is far more good than bad in Construction Simulator. However, as much fun as I was having with it, the way the missions would glitch out on me made it sometimes very frustrating. Do I like the game, yes, I do, however, I feel that it needs a pretty significant patch to fix the mission issues, which hopefully has already been implemented by the time you read this.

Construction Simulator
Construction Simulator is the 2022 version of the well-received game that lets you take control of heavy machinery. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Construction Simulator Review Summary

  • I like how there are two campaigns
  • It is impressive how different the two campaigns are
  • Using powerful and dangerous construction equipment is awesome!
  • I liked the way the game progressed; it kept me wanting to play
  • The way missions can glitch made me turn the game off on more than one occasion
  • No word on when they are planning to actually fix the issues the game has which is a shame as there is a lot of potential here
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