Vehicle Simulator Games

Bus Simulator 21


As the sixth game in the series and a direct sequel to the 2018 game, Bus Simulator 21 is offering more of the same, but better. People who get a kick out of the idea of being behind the wheel of a ...

The Bus


I never in a million years would have thought that bus simulators would have been my kind of thing, but here we are. The Bus is the latest bus simulator game to grab my attention. As of writing, this ...



I went to University in a city that had a pretty awesome tram service so it is something I do have a slight interest in. TramSim which was recently released piqued my interest due to those ...

MX Simulator


Simulators often rise and fall on their ability to deliver a somewhat authentic experience. That’s the popular thinking at least, but what if it isn’t exactly true? After all, more simulators than ...

Total Tank Simulator


Total Tank Simulator is one of the most fun strategy/sim games that I have played in a very long time. While this is classed as a strategy/sim game it is far more action-packed than that and even ...

Vehicle simulator games are a type of driving game that allows players to operate a vehicle in a virtual environment. These games usually feature the player driving on various roads and attempting to complete some missions.

The vehicle simulator genre started emerging in the late 1990s when there were many 3D graphics cards available on the market. As advanced technology for 3D graphics continued to get more affordable, it became possible for developers to design realistic landscapes and vehicles for their games.

Vehicle simulator games can be classified based on the type of gameplay they have. Most of these games have arcade-style gameplay where all you do is drive around and try not to crash into anything while completing your tasks. Another way that these types of games can be distinctive is based on the type of vehicles they offer.

For example, The Crew and Need For Speed: Rivals only allow players to drive cars while other games such as Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator allow players to operate various types of vehicles such as trucks and combine harvesters. Games can also be divided based on their location.

For instance, American Truck Simulator allows you to drive through the United States while Euro Truck Simulator 2 lets you take your truck all over Europe. Vehicle simulator games can even be classified by the time period in which they happen.

There are several games that let you drive around as a taxi driver or as an ambulance driver during modern times, but there are also those games where get to enjoy driving old-fashioned vehicles.

Regardless of how you choose to classify them, vehicle simulator games have one thing in common: they let players experience the thrill of controlling a vehicle. It’s not surprising that these types of games are very engaging and fun to play for anyone who enjoys driving.