Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is a downloadable game and a hit simulator, which undoubtedly launched the recent wave of similar games. In this title, the player assumes the role of a trucker in Europe. The production of the game was done by the well-known Czech studio SCS Software, who have under their belt Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel. The game was released on August 20, 2008, and is available on the PC platform. The download of the game can be made via the Steam platform. There is also a free demo that can be downloaded from the same place.

How to Download Euro Truck Simulator

As we mentioned the game is available for download from Steam.

Euro Truck Simulator – Where Do We Go?

Differently, than in the previous titles of SCS Software, the setting of ETS is Europe. The players enter a faithfully reproduced world and can use a dozen different European trucks  (unfortunately they are not licensed models, but quite similar to their real-life counterparts). The core of the gameplay is focused on loading up goods and distributing them in different cities. You will travel to Rome, Madrid, Prague, and Berlin following the routers on the faithfully rendered map of The Old Continent. In each of the cities, you will be able to admire the accurately reproduced and characteristic buildings. Euro Truck Simulator, like the name suggests, puts a lot of stress on the simulations aspect. Thus you will have to deliver the goods on time and you will receive points for the correct style of your driving. It will be important to maneuver in traffic jams, avoid collisions and adhere to traffic rules.

The Mechanics of the Game

Mechanically, the game was based on the same engine the previous SCS Software studios creations used. However, this time it’s a much-upgraded version. This means a much detailed world, more accurate vehicle models, and more believable urban traffic. As the game progresses, new cities and new missions are unlocked. The game has also an achievements system in which the player is rewarded for performing specific tasks. The physics and the driving model is somewhat between the real simulation and an arcade game. You need to pay attention to slippery turns because your truck will easily skid. Also, you should remember that even the smallest violation of traffic rules will be settled when you will be unloading your goods.

The graphics engine used in Euro Truck Simulator is the same one used in previous studio productions. However, it has undergone numerous modifications. Now you can see sunlight reflections on your shiny truck’s bodyshell, and the terrain looks more realistic as well. The routes are more varied and uneven. As was announced by the developers, after the launch of Euro Truck Simulator players received several major updates which expanded the content of the game and improved its optimization. The modders are also active and they regularly publish unofficial add-ons and patches for the game.

When comparing Euro Truck Simulator to the other SCS titles, one can’t help but notice that some interesting features of the game have been dropped. It is now not possible to run your own forwarding company or talk via CB radio. The police patrols are also gone and thus the offending drivers will not be chased. Nevertheless, the game has moved into a much larger and more realistic world.

Euro Truck Simulator
Euro Truck Simulator is a simulator in which you play as a truck driver working on European routes. Download the game and explore Europe.
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