American Truck Simulator – Washington

American Truck Simulator – Washington is the June 2019 expansion to the awesome American Truck Simulator (2016). This game has already taken us to States like California, New Mexico and more! However, this latest expansion is offering a whole lot of diversity thanks to the different parts of the mid-west you will be hauling your loads across.

How to Download American Truck Simulator – Washington

You can download the DLC from Steam. You can also get American Truck Simulator West Coast Bundle which includes this DLC, the base game, and two other DLCs: Oregon and Forest Machinery. If you like truck sims, you should, of course, be also interested in European Truck Simulator 2 with its many DLCs.

The Washington DLC Review

I love American Truck Simulator. It is a game that shows you do not have to be shooting a Nazi or saving a princess to have an addictive time with a game. For me, this is a game that you either get or you do not and for those of us that get it, American Truck Simulator is one of the most therapeutic and fun gaming experiences around.

As the name suggests you are a trucker, tasked with getting from one area to the next. The actual handling of the truck is a little daunting at first, but eventually, it all clicks. For me, the hardest thing in the early days of the game was placing my huge truck on the road properly! I always seemed to get just a tad too close to the side of the road!

This latest expansion, American Truck Simulator – Washington. Is by far the most diverse and impressive to date. While it is called “Washington” that really is just the tip of the iceberg. Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane are just four of the new 16 places that you will be driving to, through, and from.

The incredible range of areas of Washington State is going to really make this game for you. Trees! Trees are a huge part of the scenery of this area of the country along with these lovely backroads, waterfalls, and other such nice things you will be taking in as you drive. However, larger cities like Seattle are also just as impressive.

One of the highlights of an expansion pack like this will be when you are driving through a city and it is disappearing in the rear-view mirror. Only for a huge highway of possibility to open up in front of you. Each road trip you make on this will really make you struggle to keep your eyes on the road as they have done such a wonderful job in recreating some fantastic-looking landmarks.

Of course, actually driving your truck around is what makes up the main gameplay. American Truck Simulator – Washington will have that same level of challenge the series is known for. Getting to your location on time, but without causing any havoc requires some serious skills. Some of the roads in this expansion, like the logging roads, really will test your skills. Not to mention the brand-new junctions that this is bringing.

I fully understand that American Truck Simulator – Washington is a game that is not for everyone. Those who like the series and this kind of thing, in general, are really going to be impressed and have a fantastic time (while struggling to keep their eyes on the road) getting from place to place. By far this is the best expansion that American Truck Simulator has received to date!

American Truck Simulator - Washington
American Truck Simulator - Washington lets you drive this picturesque eponymous USA state, with 16 new cities. Download it now.
9 Total Score
American Truck Simulator - Washington Review Summary

  • Breathtaking scenery
  • The actual driving is very nice
  • The whole game has a really relaxing feel to it
  • Washington State is a truly beautiful part of the country
  • Some of the roads will really test your driving skills
  • If the previous ATS did nothing for you, this will not either
  • You will crash because you were looking at the scenery!
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