American Truck Simulator – Oregon

American Truck Simulator – Oregon is a piece of DLC for American Truck Simulator, a game that has you driving around all of the United States, or at the very least, the majority of it. This DLC, which was created by SCS Software was released on the 4th October 2018 is available on PC. The DLC is designed to give you access to a new part of the states that wasn’t previously available, allowing people to explore some of the gorgeous landscapes of Oregon.

How to Download American Truck Simulator – Oregon

Oregon is the fourth official game expansion after Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. To download the DLC head over to Steam. You will get the game by clicking on the Download link located at the end of the game review.

The DLC Review

Just like the rest of the game and any other DLC it might have, there is no real incentive, story, or narrative for playing the game. Just like the base game and the rest of the Euro Truck Simulator games, the main real draw to playing the game for long periods of time is acquiring enough money to purchase your own company so you don’t have to do quite as much of the heavy lifting, not when you’ve got your own company to do it for you.

Similar to the rest of the game, the DLC doesn’t change anything in the way of gameplay. You still have to pick up hauling jobs to go and do, which requires you to go from one area of the United States all the way to another to drop off whatever it is you’ve picked up.

Upon successful completion of the delivery, you’ll get paid for all of the solid work you’ve done but failing to follow the laws of the road properly is going to cause you to take some penalties. What the DLC does add to the game, other than the clear inclusion of the state of Oregon is the inclusion of over 5,000 miles of in-game roads to drive along, with the inclusion of some major cities, such as Salem, Eugene, and Portland.

Outside of that, there are 700 new 3D assets added to the game, and a varied number of well-known landmarks sprinkled around the map to make it truly feel as if you’re driving throughout Oregon. Along with some new junctions that are unique to the state of Oregon, the general gameplay of the DLC doesn’t change the main game enough to warrant concern about any key gameplay components or mechanics.

By any chance you’ve played American Truck Simulator before, the Oregon DLC simply adds more to the overall gameplay stylings of the game.

Easily the biggest comparison for this game and its DLC would have to be the Euro Truck Simulator series, which shares many of the same similarities as those games and its overall DLC’s. Euro Truck Simulator has a lot of DLC that expands the overall map of Euro Truck Simulator and it appears the same is going to be said with American Truck Simulator and all of its similar DLC.

Anyone that’s looking for more of the same out of the Euro/American Truck Simulator games, the Oregon DLC gives you access to a gorgeous part of the states that weren’t previously available and allows for a bigger excuse to delve back into the game once more.

American Truck Simulator – Oregon
Oregon is the 2018 map expansion for American Truck Simulator. Download it and follow the new roads. 5 000 miles lie in front of you.
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