American Truck Simulator – Utah

American Truck Simulator: Utah is November 2019 expansion (check out also our reviews of Oregon, Forest Machinery, and Washington) for the awesome American Truck Simulator. I feel that we are in a place with this game now where we should know what to expect from an expansion pack. This is offering more of the same and if you enjoy ATS, you will enjoy this it is that simple.

How to Download American Truck Simulator – Utah

You can get the game from Steam. And if you like Utah, check out also Utahraport in The Isle!

The Game Review

This time we are in the Utah area. There are over 300 miles of new roads for you to explore and some big cities such as Salt Lake City and St. George for you to haul your load around. I do not think the “setting” is quite as spectacular as the past expansions as I think much of the scenery is similar to places like Nevada and New Mexico.

That does not make American Truck Simulator: Utah bad though! Some of the areas you will be going such as this huge quarry are really cool. The actual driving is just as challenging as it has always been. This ranges from watching the road and other drivers in a city to dealing with some pretty crazy terrain and tight roads when you are in the more rural areas.

One thing that is pretty fun (and probably even more fun if you are an actual trucker) is that they have put in a ton of actual landmarks. Even cooler than this is the truck stops which I find to be a lot of fun when you come across one. So, there are plenty of things to keep your eyes peeled for and to make driving a long shift fun and exciting.

I know this sounds like a cop-out, but if you like ATS and the previous expansions, you are going to like this. While the setting may not be as eye-catching as say Washington, I feel that the challenging roads you will be driving (especially with challenging loads such as oil) make this a fun addition to the ATS map.

The presentation of American Truck Simulator: Utah, as I stated, has a rather “familiar” feeling to it. This to be fair is nothing to do with the design of the game, it is just we are getting to a point where they have done so many expansions that it is only natural for some areas to look similar. The details of the trucks are great and the environments have lots of details that if you are like me can distract you from the road!

I feel that this is another solid addition to the American Truck Simulator family. I had a lot of fun with it and it can easily give you 100 or so hours of more fun until the next expansion is done. It is one of the more challenging expansions in terms of some of the roads so it is great if you fancy yourself as an expert truck driver and want a more challenging experience.

American Truck Simulator - Utah
American Truck Simulator - Utah lets you drive a big truck in the picturesque state of the western United States. Download it now and enjoy the ride!
9 Total Score
American Truck Simulator - Utah Review Summary

  • Thousands of miles of new roads to haul loads over
  • Dealing with the oil industry
  • Some great landmarks to check out
  • Plenty of truck stops which are cool
  • Some really challenging and fun roads to test your skills
  • The environments are not as diverse as previous expansions
  • Some of the achievements are super, super tough!
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