Truck and Logistics Simulator

If you had told me 10 years ago, I would be into trucking games I would have said you were nuts. But here we are in 2020 and Truck and Logistics Simulator is a game I am very excited about. While it is on Steam, it is the Nintendo Switch version of the game I have played, which I do not think actually there are many games like this on the Switch.

The aim of the game is written on the box. You are in charge of making sure people get their orders on time and in one piece. I am aware it is the kind of game that does not exactly sound all that exciting. However, this is a very, very addictive kind of game. I have played other trucking games before, but this one takes a real simplified approach to it.

You may think I am going to say that is a bad thing, but I am not. It makes Truck and Logistics Simulator a game that pretty much anyone can get into. While I would love to start and talk about the cool big vehicles you get to haul your loads in. Truck and Logistics Simulator has a cool thing you need to do before that.

How to Download Truck and Logistics Simulator

To download the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like truck simulator, check out also Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

The Game Review

Some of the missions will have it so that you have to load the goods before you can hit the road. For example, you may have to drive a forklift or a big wheel loader to make sure you are ready to hit the road. It is a neat little feature and one that is far more challenging than you would think.

You start off with a rather basic vehicle, but as you work you earn money and you can buy new vehicles. You may think that you need a fleet, but I found having one of each vehicle type was more than enough. You can get a large van, flatbed truck, and a more modest van to give you a few examples. What I liked was that the grind to get these was not as brutal as it is in some other games.

You have a GPS that will tell you where to go, but you do not have to follow that route if you do not want to. Instead, you can explore this world the game is set in and take in the sights (of which there are not many) as you go. You can do this because there is no timer in the game. You may have to fill up the gas tank, but that is all that will happen if you go off the beaten path.

You can drive in the first or third person, but I found the first-person point of view to be too zoomed in if you know what I am saying. Third-person gives you a much better view of what is going on around you. The places you drive are not exactly full of people, but you still have to watch out for other drivers as just like in real life, there are some real morons on the road here.

The game will see you taking on many different assignments. These vary in what you have to do, but for the most part, it is about loading up your vehicle and then delivering the goods. As you progress, you will get hired for more complex and larger jobs which will make you even more money.

I will admit that Truck and Logistics Simulator is a very basic kind of game. It is the kind of game that when you explain it to someone does not sound all that exciting. However, once you start playing the game it is very hard to put down. I have no complaints about the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but I would love to see if it is better on the PC.

Truck and Logistics Simulator
Truck and Logistics Simulator is a vehicle simulation game. Download it now, sit behind the wheel and deliver goods to their destinations.
7 Total Score
Truck and Logistics Simulator Review Summary

  • Many different vehicles for you to drive
  • I liked the overall atmosphere of the game
  • Taking a scenic route is a lot of fun
  • The game is very easy to get into
  • Overall, the game is a very relaxing experience
  • It may be a tad simple for some people
  • I wish there was more dynamic traffic on the road
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