American Truck Simulator – Arizona

Today I am checking out American Truck Simulator – Arizona which was the first downloadable expansion for ATS (and a free one for that matter!). What is cool about this is that they actually gave you this for free which is unusual in this day and age. So, if you already have American Truck Simulator there is no reason at all why you should not check this out.

How to Download American Truck Simulator – Arizona

You can download this DLC from Steam. Check out also our reviews of how it is to drive a truck in other USA states: New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

The Game Review

I have played all of the expansions that have been released for ATS so far and going back to look at this is interesting. I say that because you may be thinking that as a free expansion, Arizona might be lacking in content. Actually, this is a full expansion pack and offers nearly as much as the paid-for ones that would follow this.

Arizona is one heck of a state and this expansion captures all of the iconic parts of it. There are 15 new cities for you to drive through such as Phoenix and Flagstaff. However, it is when you are out on the road and checking out some of the sights of Route 66 that blew me away.

They have captured this part of the USA very, very well. Driving over bridges or highways that let you see places such as the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon is really cool. You have miles and miles of roads in American Truck Simulator – Arizona that are going to test your trucking skills to the limit.

The gameplay on offer here is exactly the same as it is in the base version and what would follow. Actually, while I thought the original ATS was good, this expansion does tighten the gameplay up, most notably the AI of the other drivers on the road. If you go into this expecting a racing game, you will be disappointed.

Think of this as a driving experience as that is what it is. You have your loads; you need to deliver them in good condition and on time. What I have always enjoyed about this series and this one is no different is how relaxing it can be. Do not get me wrong, there are times when you are really close to your deadline and you rush a little and make a mistake.

Yet for the most part, pretending to be a trucker is something I find very enjoyable. There are many loads to haul and achievements to get so for a free expansion, you have a lot of content here. Graphically, the game looks great the sun covered state of Arizona really does look awesome.

I have had a great time with this. I think what they did with American Truck Simulator – Arizona is very impressive. This is a free expansion and it is packed with content and I had a great time with it. With that being said, as is the case with all the ATS DLC packs, if the original game did not do anything for you, this won’t either.

American Truck Simulator - Arizona
American Truck Simulator - Arizona is a free DLC to the acclaimed vehicle simulator. Download it now and see the Grand Canyon.
9.5 Total Score
American Truck Simulator - Arizona Review Summary

  • Lots of new cities to drive through
  • Seeing some of the sites of Route 66 is really cool
  • Plenty of new loads to haul
  • Lots of challenging achievements to obtain
  • It is free!
  • It does not add any new major gameplay changes
  • Still not going to win over non-fans
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