Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Road to the Black Sea

Road to the Black Sea is the sixth big DLC for the very addictive Euro Truck Simulator 2. I have long been a fan of these truck simulator games which is kind of surprising as I find driving in real life to be more of a chore than fun! The team behind this series has usually done a great job with their DLC, but does this one carry on that trend?

How to Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Road to the Black Sea

To download the game, click on the Download button below our review. You might also want to read the reviews of the previous DLCs, which are:

The Game Review

There are three new parts of Europe for you to drive and deliver stuff around in this pack. Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey are the new places you will be traveling to. Once again, there are a ton of places to go and things to see as you are on the open road. Speaking of the open road, that is not what has impressed me with this latest DLC.

There are some great scenic routes, do not get me wrong and as the name suggests, driving along close to the Black Sea is awesome. However, it is more the populated areas that really make Road to the Black Sea stand out for me. You have a good mix of large European cities such as Istanbul and much smaller more rural areas as well.

As you would expect the challenge of driving through areas like this is pretty high, but also fun. Some of the larger cities are full of traffic and you have to navigate it. Some of the more rural areas have people on horse and cart that you have to worry about. When you are in a populated area, you always have to keep an eye on everything around you!

I was impressed that they added 22 new companies for you to make deliveries for. This works in the same way it always has done. The deliveries you will be making have quite a lot of variety to them. For example, you can be making a delivery for a small farm on one job and then a much larger delivery for a steel company the next.

The presentation is once again amazing. Now, I say this as someone who has never visited any of these places. However, the attention to detail seems pretty great. From what I have read online, SCS Software has managed to really nail many of the places you will be driving to. With that being said, the Northern part of Romania is said to be a little barren in this game. Again, I have never been there so I cannot personally comment on this.

The Bottom Line

If you have enjoyed what Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers so far then you will really enjoy this. I think that this is one of the most diverse set of locations they have given us so far. Going from wooded areas, driving along the Black Sea, dealing with border control and driving through Istanbul all feel very different. If you like these types of games, be sure to give this a try.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea will let you drive in Romania, Bulgaria and a part of Turkey. Download it now and visit these fantastic places.
9 Total Score
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea Review Summary

  • Three large new European areas to drive through
  • They have many little details which are cool
  • Plenty of challenge in the different loads you will be hauling
  • Lots of new achievements to try and unlock!
  • I loved driving through the more rural areas
  • Some people say that Romania could have more areas
  • Not really anything groundbreakingly new in terms of the core gameplay
User Rating: 3.33 (3 votes)
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