Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia is one of the biggest pieces of DLC that was released for the full release of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It was originally released on the 6th May 2015, developed by the usual development studio behind the series, SCS Software. The Scandinavia downloadable content, it introduces three new countries to explore, with that being Sweden, Norway, and Denmark; all three countries that make up Scandinavia (according to some categorizations Scandinavia includes also Finland and Iceland, but these countries didn’t make it to the DLCs) and make up the entirety of this piece of DLC.

How to Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia

To download Euro Truck Simulator 2 with its 27 new cities simply click on the link located below the review. There are also other DLCs which make the ETS2 world larger:

The fifth ETS2 map expansion called Beyond the Baltic Sea with as many as five new countries will become available in December 2018.

The DLC Review

As can be expected with Euro Truck Simulator 2’s DLC, there’s no story or narrative to follow or focus on, just the usual goal of acquiring or improving your hauling company and purchasing new trucks. While there are no new trucks with this DLC, there are new trailers and truck factories to deliver vehicles to throughout Europe, so there are a few extras here and there to enjoy.

With this DLC, it doesn’t change anything in the gameplay front; if you’ve played Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’ll know what to expect at this point. What they have added, however, is the inclusion of 27 different cities and ports to explore and drive to.

Some of the popular Scandinavian cities that have been included this time around are Stockholm, Oslo, Esbjerg, and Bergen, just to name a few of the current selection. On top of this, there are even new sea-based routes to take though Germany, Poland, and the rest of the UK, so there are a couple of new ways to get around, without having to exclusively drive there.

Even some changes to the visuals have been applied with this DLC that has done its best to take extra care with the details of its land and vegetation. Vast forests, fields, and lakes are dotted around the Scandinavian countryside, with new and improved models that are designed to do all three countries the proper justice that they deserve in video game form.

The daylight cycle and weather has seen a small overhaul and improvement to make exploring both Scandinavia and the rest of Europe a treat on the eyes. With the inclusion of three new countries there are even 80 different cargo types that weren’t available the first time around and allows for you to travel Europe with some new hauling items on your back, such as new machinery and construction equipment.

The developers made sure to take their inspirations from some of their previous DLC’s and Truck Simulator titles to make sure that everything you get in the game is up to their usual standards. Just like with many of their other DLC’s, there’s more than enough here to keep the average fan of the franchise entertained before they announce another piece of DLC for the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia is the second map expansion for the renowned truck simulation game from SCS Software. Download it now to visit Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
10 Total Score
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia Review Summary

Anyone that's been on the lookout for a worthy expansion to their favorite driving simulator, the Scandinavian DLC is considered to be one of the best with all that it offers. With 27 new cities and ports to explore, all of which are integrally connected to one another, there's more than enough to see and do in this one.

  • Vast new areas to drive through and explore
  • Improved visuals in some areas
  • New ferry-routes make traversing Europe easier
  • Effectively, it's just more of the same
  • Roadwork could have used some more detail
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