Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator is one of the most fun strategy/sim games that I have played in a very long time. While this is classed as a strategy/sim game it is far more action-packed than that and even though tank is in the name (thinking World of Tanks immediately, aren’t we?) it offers far more than tank-based combat. 505 Games has crafted one of the most surprisingly fun games of 2020 with this action-packed fun fest!

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The Game Review

The game is set during World War II and you have a choice of a few different nations. Each nation has its own story and you get the chance to recreate what went down in WWII. While the game is set during the second world war, it does not have the same look of say a Call of Duty of Battlefield.

Instead, Total Tank Simulator has its own visual style that is brightly colorful, and full of personality. In many ways, it reminds me of those VR simulators from the 90s and that is pretty cool. The game has a ton of maps and there is a great variety ranging from snow-covered parts of Russia to the green fields of France.

These impressive visuals and the massive number of units the game throws on screen at any given time do come at a price. You see, despite what looks like a basic art style. Total Tank Simulator requires some impressive hardware in order to ensure that the game runs at a smooth rate.

Each part of the campaign, no matter who you play as offers something fun. You have a limited amount of money to start with so you have to be smart about what units you use. As your progress, you get more money and you can add more to your arsenal on the battlefield. These bases will pop up and you want to fight to take ownership of these as they always spawn useful stuff like tanks and ground vehicles for example.

Total Tank Simulator has a skill tree for ground, infantry, and areal parts of your war machine. When you beat a mission, you can select what you want to improve. It is a simple, but effective skill tree and one that is not over complicated. Another way you can improve your chances on the battlefield is with your generals you can add which will give you various advantages.

Oh, there is one other way to get an advantage and that is to take to the battlefield yourself. This by a mile is the aspect of the game I enjoyed the most. You can take direct control of any NPC you want be it one running around with a gun, one in a tank, or even one flying in the air! This is very satisfying and each area of combat as its own feel, but for me running and gunning was the most fun.

I did enjoy all aspects of the combat, but I did have a very hard time getting to grips with the flying so most of the time I stayed on the ground. The game throws a lot of variety your way in terms of what it wants you to do. One mission can be all about just killing a certain number of guys, another may have you looking after a VIP and then there might be a capture the flag type mission too.

There is even a sandbox mode where you can jump in and orchestrate some over the top and crazy battles. In all, Total Tank Simulator is a truly awesome game and one that I think is fun no matter if you like strategy games, sim games, or even first-person shooters. Be sure to check this one out!

Total Tank Simulator
Total Tank Simulator is a strategy game set in the times of World War II. Download it now and win the battles with your armored army.
9 Total Score
Total Tank Simulator Review Summary

  • Tons of different units to make use of
  • I liked the way the generals offered special abilities
  • You can take control of NPCs on the battlefield
  • The skill tree is useful and very easy to use
  • I liked the visual style of the game
  • It does need a decent computer to make it run properly
  • I could not get the hang of the flying controls
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