World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free strategic downloadable MMO game that leads teams through historic settings in a competition to be the last tank running. Players pit their strategic skills and their gaming abilities against others in order. They do in order to be the conquering victors in a challenging game of tank wars. This free-to-play war game far exceeds those that have come before.

How to Download World of Tanks

To download the game for free, just register by clicking the Download button below, and then you will be able to install the game to your hard drive. Be sure to also read our reviews of World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

World of Tanks Game Modes

The tank world is one such game that allows players to hook up with others and test their strategy. This game offers:

  • 400 different tanks
  • 9 nations
  • 40 battlegrounds
  • 450 vehicles

The player can even engage battles with others that vary from one-on-one to many players teaming up against others in multiplayer battles.

Become A Legend in the Game

World of Tanks also lets users decide if they want to play a legendary war hero. This enhances the gameplay and offers new strategies that can be used, as well as period era tanks of that legend. If assuming another person’s war persona is not what the player desires, they can then play as themselves and build their own war history. This allows for in-game legends to be born and used every day.

Historical Battles Come Alive

One of the most remarkable details about this tank war game is the history. Actual historians have aided in the development of the game and have helped to recreate actual landmarks and landscapes where battles have taken place. If playing in the persona of an actual person from history, the player will be able to see the architecture and landscapes from those actual battles at the actual times they took place.


Earn actual medals dedicated to the greatest warriors from history. Build your reputation and earn medals to commemorate them. Each medal has its specifications for earning it, and the player with the most medals will be the best in the game.


While engaging in gameplay it is remarkable how tanks from different eras can all be on one team or in the same gameplay simulation. There are one or two small glitches like going over a rock formation and it looks like the rocks are absorbing the tank. One can even hear all of the communications from tanks on the same team. Radio communications are just as hazy as they would be in real situations.

World of Tanks Game Visuals

The video representation of vegetation and tank details are amazing! The bombs going off, rapid firing of tanks and even trees and landscapes are very accurate to the real thing and one could easily get lost in all the details that are honed to near perfection.

World of Tanks is definitely worth checking out if war type games of strategy are what is desired. The fact that this game is being offered in a free format for everyone to play makes it even better. Test your strategy skills, get to see historic landscapes and earn awesome badges. What could be better?

World of Tanks
World of Tanks is a MMO in which you compete against other players controling various armored vehicles. Among these are different types of tanks, a tank destroyer or a self-propelled gun.
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