World of Warplanes 2.1.13 debuted World of Warplanes in late 2013. It’s a free massively multiplayer online game filled with action and set in the “golden age of military aviation”.  This game will keep your adrenaline rushing and take your breath away! The game was created by Wargaming crew who are also famous for World of Tanks and World of Warships.

How to Download World of Warplanes

Downloading the game is as easy as clicking the button, and you need to be sure you have 16.4GB of space available. Then you just create an account, install the application and have an exciting time.

World of Warplanes: Aspects of the Game

First, you need to know about the hangar and what you can do there. Service your planes, buy new ones or manage your crews are some of those activities. Next, work on becoming familiar with the extensive list of features that starts with building your account and establishing your initial settings, to learning about other players, through painting your planes and then getting into the game itself.

Next, you learn about gaining credits, exchanging currency and buying gold. You will walk through battle experiences, research modules, view specifications and 3D images as well as all the aircrafts available for your use.

Finally, you will begin to learn about what notifications the system provides for you entering a battle and the different battle modes. Working with teams, channels and contacts, filters, missions, and tokens round out the learning experience, and you will have the brain power you need to become the star pilot of your fleet and your team!


To ensure you know how to maximize your fighting efforts, start reviewing the specifications of each craft and be sure you understand: hit points, which relate to damages, firepower, airspeed, maneuverability and altitude performance.

Available aircraft are listed below, and the site offers you insights into the aviation history of each fighter. The list is just a short four planes for now, but they promise the addition of more. They also have a comparison page that allows you to compare each aircraft. Available are the following types: heavy fighters, premium fighters, multi-role aircraft, Attack fighters. They even tie each fighter to its home nation. For example, the American fighter planes are known for easier maintenance and robust construction and are primarily used for medium and high altitude, vertical combat. Heavy fighters can usually fly longer distances and are more strategic. The US worked to build fighter crafts to support ground troops and ship attacks.

Training your Crew

Both your pilot and gunner start off with a defined set of skills, and when they reach a level of proficiency with each skill, you can begin to work on: universal expertise and exceptional pilot skills.
Each power is assigned an icon, and they have varying levels of skill, so you can work with teams that need to increase their skills levels and capitalize on the ones that are already highly proficient and win against your attackers. You can transfer crews to different aircraft, retrain them and again work to gain high proficiency, so they will be interchangeable in a variety of crafts as you need each one to fight for your team.

Friends in the Game

Of course, the more friends you have in your contact list, the more fun you’re going to have. With contacts, you can:

  • Chat
  • Invite them to join a flight
  • Flight chat
  • Voice chat
  • Group chat on channels

You can also delete friends from your contacts as well as ignore them. If only we could ignore them in real life, just sometimes (just kidding friends)! You can even create your own “clan” in the community chat rooms! You can compare players and search players and become part of the player hall of fame

All in all, this is just an awesome game! Grab your friends and heck, get your enemies too and let’s duke it out in World of Warplanes!

World of Warplanes
In this flight combat MMO from the creators of famous World of Tanks you take part in aerial battles being able to choose a fighter, a multirole fighter, a heavy fighter or a ground attack plane as your machine of choice. There are over 100 aircraft at your disposal.
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Operating System
Windows 7
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30.30 GB


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