World of Warships

World of Warships is a F2P real-time naval combat game where players take to the sea to prove their worth. Download it and find the right playstyle among many different types of ships with different perks amongst many variations of nations to extend the number of combinations. The game is largely based on its PvP combat with other players with commonly seen modes such as team deathmatch or capture area. The game also features a ranked system for more competitive players to test themselves with others in coordination to take down the enemy.

How to Download World of Warships

You can download World of Warships for free by clicking on the Download button below at the end of the review. You might also want to download Texas, Anshan, Indianapolis, and Admiral Graf Spee Packs. These are DLCs with additional content such as battleships, destroyers, and numerous bonuses. You can play the game on Windows and macOS. Sadly, nothing at the moment is known about the plans for World of Warships for PS4 or Xbox One.

The Game Review

Coming back to the wide variety of ships, the many different types also come with roles that you must play for your team. Especially important in ranked play, rushing in for the heck of it is not recommended and rather gives the game further tactical realism on how players should approach the objective. And while I am no captain or sailor of any sort myself, the mechanics of driving your own ship for me were still very realistic in the sense that it is a game.

It’s not complicated enough to throw you off but adding some physics of you driving a ship on water definitely makes you plan ahead. More specifically, just because you turn at a moment does not instantaneously make the ship itself turn; this goes for speed and firing as well. Combat mechanics are also simple yet have their own realistic quirk. First off, many different arsenals of weapons all the ships come with are used differently and thus are not all fired mechanically the same. The shots fired are not instant hits to the target as many FPS games would have it and rather are also physics-based to a degree having to aim ahead depending on how fast the enemy is going or how far they are.

Ultimately, the gameplay is repetitive at its core but that’s only if you make it so. Playing around with mechanics and different ships will keep you occupied and the learning curve present also ensures there will be something to do at any time. The game allows beginners to jump in and not be turned away because of complex controls and whatnot but in the same right gives veterans or experts of the genre to find enough tactical strategy to be enjoyable.

World of Tanks is a comparison that comes to mind with its similar-sounding title. The only major difference, in my opinion, is World of Tanks being on land. Having played both, of course, the overall mechanics are obviously different as in one you are driving a tank while in the other a ship, but the core elements of gameplay are something both can be related by. Both games, while competitive in the heat of the moment, are actually quite casual as well in retrospect with fast queue timers relatively quick games when relating them to similar games of the same style of the genre.

World of Warships also boasts a complete F2P experience and grinding to a certain point where you want to unlock a certain ship class or upgrade is not that bad in all honesty. Be sure to check it out on their website or on Steam.

World of Warships
World of Warships is a naval combat game from the makers of World of Tanks. Download it and play it for free.
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