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World War II is a popular historical backdrop for many games, and Battlefield V is no exception. EA DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter action video game, Battlefield V, is the sixteenth game in the long-running Battlefield series and will return the game to its World War II roots. With a targeted release date of October 2018, the game also promises to incorporate features of the currently popular battle royale style games as well as its traditional multiplayer and single-player modes.

How to Download Battlefield V

You can pre-order Battlefield 5 (to be able to download it later) before its release date, first watch the reveal trailer to get the idea what the game feels like. To download the game click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like WWII games you should also consider downloading Call of Duty WWII. If on the other hand, you want to check another BF title why not go for Battlefield 4 download.

The Game Review

In a drive towards increased realism, Battlefield V maintains a strict focus on resource management and party tactics – removing “abstractions” to have this level of realism associated with leading a military squad during the world’s most destructive war. In a new “Company” system, the shooter will allow the player greater customization choices with respect to their individual squad members with options ranging from cosmetic changes to weapon loadouts.

Completing in-game objectives will reward players with the currency that they can use to purchase these upgrades and enhancements. The Battlefield series has always been a multiplayer favorite and Battlefield V promises to be even more so with three major multiplayer modes on offer: “Tides of War”, “Royale”, and “Grand Operations”.

The Grand Operations mode is being bandied about as an upgraded and expanded version of Battlefield’s Operations mode. This mode uses matches taking place across a variety of stages to simulate the various parts of a military campaign. Grand Operations takes this concept and implements expansions upon it such that the next stage in the campaign is dynamically influenced by the player’s actions in the current stage.

The single-player mode will, per tradition, focus on individual war stories while the Royale mode is the promised battle royale feature that should throw everything but the kitchen sink into an arena to see who survives it all. Unlike Battlefield 1, Battlefield V does not plan on using loot boxes or downloadable content. Instead, the team at DICE will focus on continuously adding content to the game over time.

This is in response to a lot of companies’ attempts at monetizing nearly every experience in a video game such as Battlefield V and often with polarizing results. The plan is to gradually introduce new content aligned with the different stages of World War II but we would imagine this largely depends on the game’s popularity and the size of its player base. The team’s experiences with EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II largely informed their choices with regard to Battlefield V. While this World War II game is aiming for ultra-realism as much as that is possible, it is also very aware that it is a video game and a modern one at that.

One point of minor controversy for some gamers has been DICE’s decision to include female soldiers as an option. The team behind the game has said that they will always preference fun over realism with regard to character choice and that the ability to play as a female soldier will remain an option in the full release of the game.

Battlefield V
Battlefield V is a first-person shooter set in the time of World War II. Download the game and play in a single-player campaign or join multiplayer confrontations.
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