Battlefield 4

A dynamic warfare full of chaos and killing that you can find in any battle, Battlefield 4 features one of the most exciting ways to attack your enemies with full strength. Use all the power, fuel and weapons in the stalk to break down their protective armor in order to win the fight. With EA DICE as the developer and the Electronic Arts as the publisher, this game managed to attract the most positive reviews due to its realistic graphics and an excellent stage where friends could reunite in the battlefield to play the exciting multiplayer mode.

How to Download Battlefield 4

You can download Battlefield 4 by clicking on the Download button below at the end of this review. The Windows version is available for download from the Origin Store. Know that you can also download all the Battlefield 4 DLCs, which are: China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, Final Stand, Weapons Crate, Night Operations, Community Operations, and Legacy Operations.

The Game Review

This part is the eleventh major installment in line in the Battlefield series and was set to release in October 2013. Designed for Windows, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One this gameplay challenges the player in all aspects of warfare.

This part of the series continued from the where the previous section left over. The war breaks out in 2020 when a fall out is experienced between the two countries of the United States and Russia. An invasion to the plot is made by China where another twist accounts of an Admiral Chang who plans to succeed the Chinese government. And in the process, he attempts to join hands with the Russians to devastate its relations with the United States. The character that is controlled by the user is of Reck who belongs to the U.S. Marine Corps and is second in command in the forces.

The display of the video screen is full of details that place all the information on a plate for the user’s ease. The right upper corner of the screen tells you about the all the current in-playing characters in the game and those that have been killed due to the enemy attack. Similarly, on the left side of the screen, the player will be displayed a small chatting bar where they can chat with each other when playing the multi-mode of the game. The lower part of the screen shows a map that gives you all the details of the areas and directions that you need to take. While on the other side of the screen, the user will be notified about the health of the character as well as include an ammo counter.

The game’s favorite part is where you can personalize your weapons according to the needs of the situation. You can adjust the setting of your firearms which includes making it automatic or semi-automatic. The character is not only limited to running and shooting at the opponents, in fact, but they can also move and aim around in any direction whether it is in a standing position or a bend down position.

The controller can also make the main hero dive into the deep water where they can be further controlled. The main hero can swim through specific areas whenever they want to avoid any contact with the other soldiers. You can also make use of all land, sea and air vehicles to make your move in the warzone more powerful and intimidating to the other players.

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 is an FPS designed both as a single player experience and multiplayer action. Download the game alongside with its many expansions.
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