Origin is a free downloadable games platform designed by Electronic Arts. It tries to seize a share the digital game distribution market that has so far been available only for such platforms as Rockstar Games Social Club and Steam. In today’s digital world, the traditional brick-and-mortar game purchases give way to fast digital downloads. Also, the players are striving to compete and share their achievements online. Hence the popularity of all kinds of platforms that bring together the communities of players.

EA wanted to give players an independent product that would allow the company to distribute their games digitally, manage their titles that required web servers to run, and create a community of EA games fans. The platform was launched in 2014 and is available for PCs (Windows and macOS). It can be used by means of the dedicated downloadable program, through a website or via Android and iOS mobile apps.

How to Download Origin

You can download Origin, by following the button at the end of this review.

How to Use the Program

The main function of the Origin site is the distribution of digital versions of EA games. The platform also quite often features free game titles in the form of gifts for the players. Thus it’s worth to often check the Free Games tabs not to miss an opportunity. The advantage of the platform is obvious in the case of slightly older titles that were not available for purchase in the traditional way. In addition to buying games, the app gives you the ability to track your achievements and share them with your friends.

An interesting feature is the ability to stream your gameplay in real-time, which can be an interesting alternative to the sites such as Hitbox or Twitch. Origin currently supports most of EA’s games, including Mass Effect, FIFA, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Origin is also a tool for optimizing and improving the gameplay. The games launched via the platform have a number of keyboard shortcuts, which allow you to quickly use options such as checking the number of FPS (frames per second) or inviting friends to the game.

How to Create an Origin Account

Signing up for an account on the Origin website is easy and also necessary to use the platform. Unfortunately, the creators have not given us the ability to link their Origin account with other sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google. Setting up an Origin account, in addition to buying games and tracking achievements, gives you the opportunity to purchase the special Origin Access package. This package is available on both the Xbox One and PC. Currently, at a price of a few dollars a month, you can play the popular EA games without any restrictions. In addition, the people who subscribe have the opportunity to play the latest games, even before their official launch in EA Access. The platform also offers the ability to save progress directly in the cloud, allowing you to play your favorite titles on multiple computers.

Origin is Electronic Arts digital distribution platform. Download it for free and get access to games, including free classics.
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