FIFA 18 is the 25th edition of the amazingly popular soccer series from EA Sports, its launch dated being September 29, 2017. It’s yet another year in which players from all over the world can pretend they’re the top world footballers. What are the changes in the game? Are there new modes or enhancements? Let’s find out.

As usual, the new FIFA  lets us manage national teams or club teams from a wide variety of choice. The game offers a single-player mode and several different multiplayer modes.

How to Download FIFA 18

To download FIFA 18 to your computer, click on the Download button at the end of this review. You can also download the free update called FIFA World Cup. The game is available on Windows and on consoles. There is also a mobile version called FIFA Mobile, which you can download on Android and iOS.

What’s New

In the single-player mode, we can manage the career of Alex Hunter, an aspiring football player, just like in FIFA 17. Now we have more choices as far as his career management goes. The Journey mode gives us more control options. Now we can also watch transfer and interact with the top players.

An aspect which requires our attention is much more detailed models of the players. Much attention has been devoted to a faithful rendition of Cristian Ronaldo, who happens also to be portrayed on the cover of the game. Not only were his looks practically ideally copied, but so were his movements. FIFA 18 simulates not just the style of the players running on the pitch but also the style of play of the specific teams, for example, the tiki-taka style of FC Barcelona.

A notable feature of FIFA 18 is the ability to make a quick substitution of a player. Until now to do this we had to leave the game to access the in-game menu. Now it’s enough for the ball to leave the field and we can quickly substitute one player for another sending the first on the bench. The same can be done during a TV replay.

Another great change has been made to the animation of the crowd. Now we can see that the individual fans react in different ways when a goal is scored. Also, the behavior of the players even closer matches the real life. There are also new goal celebrations, for example, some crazy dances have been added. Thus the game feels more realistic.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA ULTIMATE cards, which are known from the previous editions of the game can also be found in FIFA 18. With them, we can enhance our virtual team. We collect them by buying special packs. The purchase can be made in two ways. We may spend real money, or the points earned during the play of the game. As we progress we receive access to better packs with better players.

FIFA is always compared with its biggest competitor Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Who will win this match?

FIFA 18 is a great, realistic football simulation from EA Sports. Download it and play online or against your computer or console.
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