FIFA Mobile, in its late 2018 edition called also FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup, is a football video game that was developed by the EA Mobile and EA Canada. The game was published by EA Sports and was designed for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS platforms. The game was officially released in October 2016. The game basically revolves around playing in the Attack Mode and defending your teams from the opposing teams. The games also include mini-games in which the player can simply train in the skills of passing, shooting, defending and goalkeeping. The genre of the game is sports, and the game can be played either on a single-player mode or a multiplayer mode.

How to Download FIFA Mobile

To download the game click on the Download button placed at the end of this review. The game can be played on Android and iOS devices. If you like the game you should also consider downloading its big brother FIFA 18.

The Game Review

This new version of the classic FIFA season is aimed to improve the mobile gaming experience and help the players to make the most of their love for soccer. The game also provides a set of tutorials for users who are not used to the mobile version of the game. These tutorials help you to get the hang of the different techniques and skills that you need to play. The game has a great deal of exciting stuff related to soccer which will keep you busy for hours. You can play matches alone or can couple up with a group of friends to team up in the Attack Mode.

The Attack Mode of the game is the mode in which the player is required to play against an opposing team. The opposing team could be composed of users from all around the world. During the game, you have to interact with the other player on your team in order to defend your team against the attack.

There are a total of thirty different leagues in the game, and in the season mode, you can strive to get your team to the highest place on the scoreboard in any of the leagues that you have available. The game is also linked to the recent events and activities that keep happening in the soccer world, which helps you to stay updated with everything new and sizzling in the field.

The new season of FIFA Mobile has introduced all the top playing and your favorite ICONS into the game for the first time. You can play as one of these players and add success to the history of their outstanding legacy of goals. You will also have the opportunity of training the players of your team and help prepare the team for all types of challenges. This training can be important as it helps your player to boost up their skills to help improve their stats and OVR.

Although the game is easily downloaded and installed on your mobiles, however, you might struggle with the controls of the game in the beginning. The player can also zoom in and manage the position and actions of the player through the touchscreen control.

FIFA Mobile
FIFA Mobile is a mobile version of the renowned FIFA series. Download it and play great football on your smartphone or tablet.
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