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Like clockwork, the annual Madden game comes out! This year, Madden NFL 22 is more of a small step forward than a giant leap. I think there are some neat ideas at play here, but ultimately, this is just more Madden. If you like Madden each year, you will like this. If you are someone who only buys a Madden game when there have been some significant changes, you probably want to wait and see what they do for Madden 23!

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The main mode that I play each year is Franchise Mode so let’s start there. To start with I like how the staff that you have plays a more prominent role. I liked dealing with them, taking their advice, and so on. Having a solid staff with you behind the scenes is vitally important and that is cool.

Seasons are more random than they have been before. In past Madden games, my franchise would get so good, I would lose interest. With Madden NLF 22, EA has tried to make it so that there is more randomness and that different teams will become more competitive. Granted I am only a couple of years into my current Franchise Mode, but it does seem to be a bit more “interesting” than it was last year.

One of the biggest things that got people excited about this year’s Madden was the X-Factor abilities. The idea here is to make superstar players feel more unique and like superstars! There are 14 offensive X-Factor abilities and 11 defensive X-Factor abilities. This is one of the new features I would love to see expanded upon next year.

While I detest the game mode with a passion, not just here, but in FIFA as well, I do have to touch on Ultimate Team. I know that many people get hooked on Ultimate Team and if you liked it in past Madden games, you will like it here. I just hate how much of a cash grab the mode feels.

Another cool mode is Face of the Franchise! Face of the Franchise is Madden NFL 22’s story mode. I know that people like to rag on EA, but the story modes they have been putting in their sports games have been great. You get to pick from one of four positions that your rookie will play and then you need to navigate the world of pro football on your way to stardom and glory!

The presentation of Madden NFL 22 is amazing as most EA Sports titles are. This year EA has this thing called Dynamic Gameday. The idea of Dynamic Gameday is to make it feel like a more authentic kind of NFL experience. It looks more like a TV show than ever before and that is something I think they deserve a lot of credit for.

As well as looking great, the sound design in this game is amazing. I am going to go as far as to say that Madden NFL 22 has the best sound of any Madden game. I am not talking about the licensed soundtrack (which I could do without) the stadium sounds and the sounds you hear on the field are just amazing!

Speaking of on the field, EA has said that numerous things have been changed or tightened up in this year’s game, but I do not see it. Sure, stuff like the X-Factor abilities is great and all, but this feels very, very similar to what Madden NFL 21 offered on the football field. I am not saying that is bad, but those wanting something majorly new may be disappointed.

I have to say that Madden NFL 22 feels very similar to the game we got last year. I have to think that EA is due an engine change or a massive shakeup soon. This is not a bad game by any means and stuff like Face of the Franchise and the extra stuff added to

Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22 is a video game that simulates American football. Download it now and lead your fantastic team to many victories.
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