FIFA 17 is the 24th game in the series of soccer simulators. In the FIFA series, the player can play as the famous football stars and play games against the world’s top teams. Different game modes and the ability to play online with thousands of FIFA fanatics make it a very popular sports game. The creator of the series EA Sports which is a part of Electronic Arts.

How to Download FIFA 17

In order to download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can get the full game from the Origin Store.

The Story

In FIFA 17 which was released in 2016 for the first time, we have a storyline (called the Journey). The players can play as Alex Hunter, a young footballer who makes his debut in Premier League. This 17 years old, talented youngster trains under close scrutiny of his grandfather. He once was one of the top stars of the English football world. Several decades ago in one season he even shot 20 goals. There’s a big chance that our protege might as well follow his grandfather’s footsteps but to make it happen he will have to work hard and sacrifice a lot. The choices he makes now will determine his fate in the future.

The devs prepared an interesting plot. Alex will meet the best contemporary players and he will visit fantastic locations. We will see him in the dressing rooms and on the planes.

EA of course still offers the standard gameplay modes, the career mode, friendly matches, training, the multiplayer online modes, and of course FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). It’s worth to note that the career mode now has a detailed financial system which is based on the value of the whole club.

FIFA 17 Game Mechanics

The game mechanics to a large extent are the continuation of what we have seen in the previous installments of the FIFA series. This time the developers focused their attention on set pieces, artificial intelligence, physical collisions and the offensive play. The English commentary which adds so much to the game is still there. We listen to the familiar voices of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith which are supported by Alan McInally and Geoff Shreeves.

For the first time in history, the game uses the Frostbite engine, which offers an unusual attention to detail and realistic football experience. This technology is also known from the Battlefield series. The player characters are now more detailed and they behave more naturally. What’s interesting now also the managers look more realistic. Now in FIFA 17, we can contemplate the looks of:

  • Pep Guardiola (Manchester City),
  • Jose Mourinho (Manchester United),
  • Arsene Wenger (Arsenal),
  • and Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool).

Thanks to Frostbite the managers in the career mode will now also come alive.

FIFA 17 has licenses for the many national leagues, which means we have the original club names and player names in the game. What’s more, we can also choose from one of a dozen women national teams. This is a great promotion of women soccer, which is gaining more fans each year.

FIFA 17 full version can be downloaded from Origin, there is also a free FIFA 17 demo available.

FIFA 17 is a fantastic football game from EA Sports. Play in the best leagues against the best teams. Download it now.
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