Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is the latest game in the series that never in a million years did I think I would get into. I have to say that I think the changes made in this year’s game are the biggest yet. While I do not think there is enough here to win over non-fans. Those who have enjoyed these games in the past are in for a real treat this year.

How to Download Farming Simulator 22

To download the game for the platform of your choice, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also the previous edition of the game – Farming Simulator 19 or the mobile/Switch version – Farming Simulator 20.

The Game Review

The ultimate goal of Farming Simulator 22 is to turn your farm into a self-sufficient money-making machine! You have three places where you can build your farm. You can build your farm in a typical American town, a little village in the south of France, or a village in the mountains.

I went for the American one as I felt it was more “in the middle” of what all three were offering. There are two big changes to the formula this year in Farming Simulator 22. First of all, are the seasons, the game has four seasons and these greatly affect the gameplay. You have to plan ahead in regards to what you plant and when you are going to harvest.

I have to say that I do like this added element of realism they have gone for in regards to the seasons, but it was not for me. Thankfully, you can turn the seasons off, if you want it to be more like it has been in years past. I can though, see why some will like this added challenge.

The really big change and the one that makes going back and playing past games impossible now is the supply chain! You can now have buildings that specifically handle making stuff such as cheese, chocolate, or whatever. You can then sell this directly to people. I have greatly oversimplified this, but it truly is a game-changer and adds a whole new level of management to the game.

Farming Simulator 22 has also seen some upgrades in regards to the graphics too, this is especially true for those of you playing on PC. Speaking of “playing” you can play this with friends and best of all, you can play this cross-platform! This is something that more and more multiplayer games are starting to offer and I think it is great.

As far as the rest of the game goes, you know the drill! You have to tend to the ground, plant your seeds, fertilize them, harvest them, sell them, and so on. You tend to animals, hire and deal with staff and try to expand your farm as best you can. There are some accessibility options to make things start out a little easier.

I do though think that they could have done a bit more to make the first 10 or so hours a bit faster paced. You can take out a loan at the start, but I did not have the resources to make some significant changes to my farm until about 15 to 20 hours in. I could see some people losing interest long before then.

Farming Simulator 22 is a great game and I think the new changes, most notably the way the seasons change and the supply chains you can build are great. What they have done here is truly awesome and there is no way I could go back to playing the previous game!

Farming Simulator 22
Farming Simulator 22 is a game in which you play as a farmer who maintains and builds his or her own farm. Download it now and enjoy the changing seasons.
8.5 Total Score
Farming Simulator 22 Review Summary

  • The way you can build supply chains makes things so much more interesting
  • The game has a great gameplay loop that is very addictive
  • I liked the three different places you could start your farm
  • It supports cross-platform play for multiplayer
  • The seasons changing is a great idea and very cool, but I found it slowed things down
  • The game does have a slow start
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