Farm Games

Len’s Island


Len's Island is a game that I have had my eye on for quite some time. I love crafting, building, and survival games and this one looked like it had it all figured out. As I write this, the game has ...

Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22 is the latest game in the series that never in a million years did I think I would get into. I have to say that I think the changes made in this year’s game are the biggest yet. ...

Farming Life


There are so many farming games out there these days that I do worry that Farming Life may struggle to find an audience. This would be a shame as while this is not offering anything massively new to ...



You have to give the people who made Craftopia, Pocket Pair INC a ton of credit. They took what makes some of the most popular games popular and mashed it all together and somehow made it work. ...



When I heard that Ooblets was a mix of Stardew Valley and Pokémon I knew it was a game I had to give a go. While I played the Xbox One version, most of the “controversy” has been around the devs ...

Shotgun Farmers


Shotgun Farmers is an online first-person shooter that keeps things nice and simple. It is its simplicity and wacky concept that makes this such an addictive good time. This is an FPS that is all ...



Ugh, another Minecraft clone was what I thought when I first heard of Staxel. However, this is far more than a Minecraft clone even though it shares the same kind of visuals. I would say that this ...

Farm games are a type of computer games that belong to the genre of simulators. The player plays as a farmer and his main task is to take care of his farm and fields.

One can distinguish two major types of farm games. The first is a much more elaborate farm simulation. The player has to spend long hours working in the field, looking around the farm, or planning on investments. You need to take care of your equipment, fuel, fertilizers, crops, animals, and all that goes with it.

Thus you become a real farmer starting with a small patch of grass but with good management soon you can have hectares of fields. Due to the hardware requirements, the games are most of the time suited only for PCs although as of late the console versions have also emerged. The most popular simulator of this type has been Farming Simulator, for example, FS 17, which with every new version gives the fans, an increasingly elaborate and realistic simulation. In this series, the graphics perfectly reflect reality.

The second category of farm games comprises titles that focus on casual entertainment and fun They do not care for realism but are, nevertheless, equally engaging. They are designed for both the youngest and older fans of farm games. The main task which the players face is not the prudent management of funds. Money and simulation of real-life conditions come second, what we do instead is plant, harvest, and feed our livestock.

The game environment in these farm games is often animated, colorful, and eye-friendly. Due to low requirements, such games are available for phones and tablets. The most popular titles in this category were Hayday, Green Farm, and Farm Frenzy. Some of them can be played using social media, such as Facebook, which allows you to have fun with your friends. Usually, these games are available for small amounts of money, and many of them will be available for free download.

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