Farmer’s Dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty is a downloadable game developed by UMEO Studios and published by Toplitz Productions. It combines the elements of an RPG and farm simulation. In the game, you run a farm inherited from the deceased grandfather. This beginning is somewhat similar to the beginning of RPG/farm simulator Stardew Valley. Unlike most other farm simulators (and unlike all the three-dimensional simulators), this game introduces story elements. What’s more, to a certain extent the title gives you free hand in shaping your own story. So you have an influence not only on what you will be doing during the game but also how you will achieve it!

How to Download Farmer’s Dynasty

Downloading the game is easy. Just visit Steam. To start downloading Farmer’s Dynasty, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is already out of beta, and since that time it has changed only for the better. The current price of Farmer’s Dynasty is around $25.

Farmer’s Dynasty at the time of writing can be downloaded neither for PS4 nor for Xbox One.

The Gameplay

The game’s setting is an old farm that once belonged to the grandfather of the main character. When he died, the hero returns from the city, where he worked and decided to settle in the countryside. Seeing that the place where he grew up is in a deplorable state, he decides to fulfill his childhood dream: to own a form and restore it to its former glory. The game provides many missions that simulate running a farm. The beginnings are not easy: everything needs repair, and you o not have machines or even seeds to sow!

One of the grandfather’s neighbors shows you your farm and gives you the first tasks – for example, to repair the door in the shed. Virtually everything needs to be fixed or repaired if you want to use it. The neighbor – Oliver – after making sure you understand the situation on the farm, asks you if you would perhaps not help him to repair the barn. He cannot offer you money, but he wants to give away his old tractor in return. After completing the task, Oliver suggests that in the neighborhood there will surely be other people who in return for doing some chores will gladly give you their old gear. As it happens they have everything that is missing on your grandfather’s farm, and which is also necessary to run it.

Thus when you complete the assigned tasks, you receive useful items for the farm (for example, machines) or money, and you earn points for maintaining social interactions with your neighbors. During the missions, remember that to work effectively and feel good, the hero must eat and sleep. Consequently, different foods are available – for example, apples or milk, and each meal has a different nutrition level. Thus each type of food restores a different number of health points.

Moving around the map, you discover new missions. There are also stores where you can buy new agricultural machines. Interestingly, you can pay the full price in euros for the machine or you can partly pay with the money and partly with social points gained from performing the tasks. The character moves between locations on foot or by a chosen vehicle.

Speaking of machines, they can be fully controlled and even … you can turn on the lights after dark! The game developers also made sure not to waste resources: if the player moves too fast, a message is displayed that in order not to lose the crops, he should slow down. You observe the action from behind the hero’s back.

Farmer’s Dynasty will definitely appeal to the players who like creating their own farms and can be a good competition for the cult Farming Simulator and other farm games.

Farmer's Dynasty
Farmer's Dynasty is a fantastic farm development simulator. Grow your farm and carry out missions for your neighbors. Download the game today and check how you fare as an owner of a farm.
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