Cattle and Crops

Cattle and Crops Crops is a downloadable farming simulation gamer. The main character has the task of looking after his or her farm, where he keeps the animals, grows plants and employs workers to help, because, just on his own, he would not be able to deal with the enormity of work on the farm. Cattle and Crops is a game created by the German company Masterbrain Bytes. It was made thanks to the funds accumulated during a Kickstarter campaign. Its biggest advantages are realistic simulation, animal breeding, advanced weather effects, and plant cultivation. The agricultural machines are faithfully reproduced under the license of well-known manufacturers. The multiplayer mode and support for mods are also considerable advantages of the game. Cattle and Crops can be an interesting and good alternative to other farm games, such as Farming Simulator 18 or Pure Farming 2018. Cattle and Crops is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. As of now, nothing is known about the versions for Xbox One and PS4.

How to Download Cattle and Crops

The game is available for download from the Steam platform. To start the download, simply click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Gameplay

Your hired workers have different tasks to do, ranging from harvesting fruit to dealing with animals and working in the field. The various experiences that they gain during work affect their efficiency and effectiveness. Especially with animals, there is a lot of work to be done because you need to provide them with the right feed, clean farms and take care of their health.

The main character must also learn how to drive various vehicles and machines that will make it easier for him to work on the farm. These are equivalents of real machinery made by such companies as Claas, Dammann, Horsch, Hawe, Stapel or Mercedes-Benz. Driving them is not easy and is related to the type of soil. Another advantage of the game, which is worth mentioning, is the ability to set the mirrors in the vehicle and configure the sounds that the driver hears.

The weather and the problems associated with it are just like in the real world. During drought, you need to bring water into the field so that crops do not go to waste, while in the rain, watch out for mud while driving. The changing seasons influence farmer actions.

The Game Modes

Cattle and Crops allows you to play it in three ways.

  • The first is the most popular campaign mode, where the hero assumes the role of a farmer who runs an agricultural business. He can do it all himself, with the help of others, or help another player.
  • The second option is a sandbox game in which there are no rules or reference points. You decide about everything.
  • The third mode is an online game, thanks to which you can ask other people to manage your

There is also an additional mode for beginners, which will point out all the mistakes made by the farmer. All these errors will have no consequences.

The New Features in Cattle and Crops

The innovations that you will find in C&C are primarily a dynamic model of the soil in 3D, the seasons, and a much more extensive farming system. A very interesting element of the game is the ubiquitous mud. The possibility of burying the agricultural machine in it forces the main character to buy more professional machinery.

Cattle and Crops is a game that is very realistic, and running a farm requires the ability to act on many levels, as well as knowledge of agriculture.

Cattle and Crops
Cattle and Crops is a German farm simulator. Hire employees and create your farm empire. Download the game now and check out the new features that it offers.
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