Farm Together

Farm Together is a completely original take on the farming simulation genre. Play as a farmer and start from scratch with a small plot of land to finally enjoy your huge farm. There are no restrictions in the game. Your farm can go all the way to the horizon. In Farm Together you can play the game by yourself, but when you find that your farm needs more hands to work it’s not a problem, just invite your friends to cooperate.

How to Download Farm Together

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The Gameplay

Grow your own farm, plant new plants, build new buildings, take care of the animals, water your crops, collect them, and eventually earn money. Spend them later to expand your business, and become the biggest farmer in history.

If you feel like it, jump on the tractor and thus accelerate all the activities on your farm. Remember, the tractor needs fuel, so refuel regularly. You can quickly sell all the harvested products in the supermarket, so then you will not have to worry about financial problems. If you are a hardworking farmer, you will quickly expand the farm to an unbelievable size.

All the activities in the also happen without your assistance, even when you are not in the game! So every time you re-appear in the universe you will have something new to do. Sow in the morning and harvest in the afternoon. All plants grow, even when you turn your computer off. Such a convenient system has only pros – your farm will grow quicker. Also, remember the seasons. Take care of harvest, keep what you need, get seeds and take care of them.

Your farm can be visited by guests. Only you decide who you allow accessing your farm and you admire your work. If you want to make the farm available to all players, nothing stands in the way. However, if you want peace and quiet and you’d rather enjoy only the company of your friends and your loved ones, all you need to do is mark people who can enter your farm in the game settings! You can also visit other farms, and if they need it – you can support your friends by working on their farms.

Customize your farm to your needs. You will receive a huge number of items for personalization. From fences through buildings to decorations. Show your friends your spatial design skills.

Farm Together is pleasing both to the ear and the eye. The in-game country-style music is light and cheerful. On the other hand, the cartoon graphic design is cute and aesthetic. The cartoon atmosphere will take you straight to the huge American farms. Nothing stands in the way of you building such a beautiful farm completely from scratch. It’s worth to note that the cheerful atmosphere in a similar vein can be found in another farm game – Stardew Valley. On the other hand, if you want more serious games there’s a plethora of title to choose from. Try Farming Simulator series, Farm Expert 2017, Pure Farming 2018, Cattle and Crops or perhaps Farmer’s Dynasty.

Speaking about the eye-catching graphics, we should also refer to the incredibly low game system requirements. This game will work on virtually any PC. You do not need to have a super rig to enjoy plentiful harvests.

Farm Together
Farm Together is a farm game with cheerful graphics in which you can create a farming empire alone or with friends and invite neighbors to watch your kingdom. Download the game and enjoy the idyllic music. Grow crops and breed cute animals.
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