Farm Expert 2017

Farm Expert 2017 (original title Polska Farma 2017) is a downloadable game belonging to the recently fashionable genre of agricultural games which simulate running your own farm. In this game, we will play as a farmer whose task is to build and develop a modern farm. The creators of the game is a Polish company PlayWay, who also under their belt such farm games as Farm Expert 2016 or Professional Farmer 2015. The title premiered on September 2, 2016, and is available only on PCs with Windows systems.

How to Download Farm Expert 2017

Farm Expert 2017 can be downloaded from the Steam platform. The download is paid.

What’s New

In the latest installment of the series, the core of the gameplay is still the farm and its improvement. Your main goal is to earn money, which then you will spend on the development of our farm. To get the most bountiful harvest and then sell your crops, you will have to carry out a variety of tasks. These will include plowing, fertilizing, harrowing,  sowing and planting. To raise the bar of realism, the creators of Farm Expert 2017 took care to faithfully reproduce the effects of fertilizers and plants spraying. During the game, you will have to take care of the proper parameters of your soil and, for example, if it is too acidic, you will have to perform a liming treatment. The farm produce you get during the game can be sold on a market. The earned money is invested in agricultural equipment and various kinds of faithfully designed machines, which significantly increase productivity and the quality of the harvest. The game developers have prepared over 170 licensed machines from such manufacturers as Grimme, Kuhn, Krampe, Pöttinger, McCormick, Valpanada, Weremczuk, Ponsse, HB-Brantner, FSI, Kuxmann, Landini, Vogel & Noot, Kröger, Suer, Sipma, and Rauch.

Farm Expert 2017 introduces many innovations when compared with the competing titles from the Farming Simulator series. The game developers have implemented a completely new system of cultivation, of chemistry and of soil physics. It offers players a completely new experience and a sense of realism. During the game, your crops will be exposed to pest attacks and diseases, which means that you have to take care of many different aspects of their development on many levels. The game also offers the possibility to breed animals. Another completely new idea is the addition of greenhouse crops.

Farm Expert 2017 Graphics

The graphic design is definitely masterful. The detailed textures and the vehicle models add realism to the game. Any person familiar with agricultural equipment can easily recognize vehicles of particular brands. An advanced physical engine has been also added to the game. Its capabilities can be recognized when you drive a machine on boggy ground. The vehicles move onward struggling in muddy fields, and in some situations, it is even possible to get stuck in the mud.

The Competitive Simulators – Other Farm Games

Farm Expert 2017 is a competitive brand for the Farming Simulator series. It’s hard to say which one is better. Undoubtedly, the competition between the developers translates into the fact that with each successive release the games get more realistic and contain more content. This benefits us, the – players.

Farm Expert 2017
Farm Expert 2017 is a Polish proposal for fans of agricultural simulators. Download it today and grow your farm business.
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