Shotgun Farmers

Shotgun Farmers is an online first-person shooter that keeps things nice and simple. It is its simplicity and wacky concept that makes this such an addictive good time. This is an FPS that is all about having fun and not bogging the player down with unnecessary realism and a million different “abilities” that they need to learn.

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The Game Review

There is no actual story in Shotgun Farmers. All we know is that there are these farmers and they are at war with each other. I assume things in the farming world must be pretty competitive that is why they have resorted to having to kill each other in order to get by.

Let’s start by talking about the game modes that are on offer here. You have a nice selection of game modes to pick from. While you have your standard, kill everyone, team deathmatch style of mode. It is the “special” modes that really showcase the charm of what this game is all about.

In Chicken Run, you need to score points by getting a chicken. Capture the Pig is like Capture the Flag, but with a prized pig up for grabs. King of the Crow is kind of like a king of the hill type mode. The game modes are a great deal of fun and like the core gameplay, they are all very easy to figure out.

Now, the actual gameplay of Shotgun Farmers is that of a first-person shooter. The “gimmick” here is the harvesting aspect of the game. You see guns are grown in this game hence the corn shotgun, pea pistol, and carrot bazooka to name some of them. You grow crops so that you get weapons and ammo and then come back to harvest them when they are done.

There is more to this gimmick than just that! You see, if you shoot and miss, the bullet you shot will start to grow more ammo/weapons! One thing I liked to do was find a secluded area of the map, shoot into the ground, and have my own little ammo cache going. You can also shoot next to a friendly player to help them out with some ammo.

I found this to be a very clever concept and it is one that adds quite a bit of strategy to the game. The visuals are very simplistic, but this is by design. I like the basic look of everything in this game and think that the way the weapons actually look like vegetables is pretty damn funny.

As you play the game you level up. When you level up you start to gain access to all kinds of cosmetics. This is a great deal of fun and a neat way to show your farmer’s individuality. As I write this there are tons of cosmetics such as new skins, emotes, special shovels, and more fun stuff.

I had a great time with Shotgun Farmers and think it is a solid first-person shooter. It may be lacking in single-player content. However, if you are looking for a new FPS to play with your buddies that is not taking itself too seriously and is all about having fun. Well, I highly recommend you check this out.

Shotgun Farmers
Shotgun Farmers is a farm game with a twist - a first-person perspective shooter experience, Download it now.
9 Total Score
Shotgun Farmers Review Summary

  • I love the overall style of the game
  • It is simple, but that is a huge part of its appeal
  • Vegetable weapons are fun to use
  • Many different game modes
  • The harvesting aspect of getting weapons and ammo is fun
  • There is no single-player campaign
  • It can take a while to get into a game
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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