Farm Manager 2018

Farm Manager 2018 is an economic strategy game and a farm simulator. As the main character, you have the task of transforming a small farm into a thriving, huge business. You also make sure that the cultivation of plants and cattle breeding is carried out correctly. You earn money and invest it in the development of the farm. Build new buildings, buy better and better equipment, repairs machines or acquire new ones. The game is available on Windows computers. For now, nothing is known about the version of Farm Manager on PS4 or Xbox One.

How to Download Farm Manager 2018

To download Farm Manager 2018, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The year 2018, in which the Farm Manager was released, also abounds in many other new farm games which you can download. Among them, it is worth recommending Farm TogetherCattle and Crops, or Pure Farming 2018.

The Game Review

There are more than forty kinds of machines on the farm. Among them, you will find those that are equipped with the latest technology, and older, obsolete models that will break often.

As a farm manager, you have the opportunity to construct dozens of types of buildings, such as sheds, garages, as well as specialized processing mini factories that produce butter and cheese from milk produced on a farm.

However, the main tasks of the manager include managing the work of the people employed on the farm and taking care of their career. To optimize costs, you as the manager often employ seasonal workers only for the harvest time. You should also accept various challenges offered by neighbors who want to prove who is the best farmer in the area.

There are various types of plants in the game, more than twenty, in fact. They are cereals, fruits, and vegetables. You need to take care of them not only before the harvest but also afterward, because many plants can be stored only for a limited time. It is also important to prepare the land properly before planting. The manager must make sure that all harvests are collected before the winter comes so that nothing is wasted.

During the game, you will experience all the seasons, as well as the weather phenomena such as storms, frosts or floods, and even rainbows.

Victory, bringing the small farm to the state of magnificence and maximum development, depends on the strategy that you will take. To achieve the main goal, you must be able to use resources shrewdly and wisely.

On the farm, there are also animals, such as cattle. The main character’s tasks include making sure that they are properly fed. You also has to take care of their health, making sure that a veterinarian visits you from time to time or that you use inseminator.

Camera settings allow you to look at the game both through the eyes of the main character and the employees of the farm.

Farm Manager 2018has been created by the Polish studio Cleversan Software. It offers three game modes, and up to fifteen possible scenarios. The game gives you the chance to play in the campaign. There are also separate, independent scenarios which pose specific problems for the players to solve. Last, but not least, the free sandbox mode allows you to deal with the professional development of a farm without any restrictions or imposed tasks. A nice addition to the game is a modding tool that allows you to expand the game by adding new content to it.

Farm Manager 2018
Farm Manager is a farm game that has been published by PlayWay, a well-known Polish publisher. Download the game and show everyone how to create a dream farm.
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