When I heard that Ooblets was a mix of Stardew Valley and Pokémon I knew it was a game I had to give a go. While I played the Xbox One version, most of the “controversy” has been around the devs making the jump to the Epic Games Store! Still, even though the game is not yet finished for fans of “life sims” there is a lot of fun to be had here.

The game starts you off on a farm which is what many games of this style do. The farm is not exactly the best, so you need to fix it up and make it awesome. So far even in the early state, you can do quite a few different things as you try to make money and improve your farm.

Growing crops is something that I find very relaxing. You can get the “seeds” you need in the game, grow the crops and then you can sell them. This is something many other games do and Ooblets does it fine in my opinion. As of me writing this, there is not as much customization of the actual farm as I would like, but I am sure it is coming.

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There is also a big social aspect to the game as well. There are plenty of townsfolk for you to talk to and as you have probably guessed, this is important. Not only do you make friends and strike up relationships. The townsfolk can also give you stuff as well as quests for you to go on as well.

Now, let’s get to the big feature of this game and that is the Ooblets themselves. Ooblets are these strange, funny and in some cases cute little creatures that inhabit this land. So far there are around 40 of them in the game. They are all over the place and you want to recruit as many of them to your farm as possible.

The Ooblets are awesome and the way you can dress them up and level them up so they can learn new abilities is cool. Now, you may think that I am going to tell you about some kind of epic battle system. That is not the case as Ooblets while similar to Pokémon is dancing to the beat of its own drum.

Speaking of dancing, the combat in this game is done via dance battles! I know this sounds very strange, but it works very well and it is a lot of fun. You will be making great use of your roster of Ooblets as they have different dance moves which are basically their abilities. There is even a dance hall you can build if you really want to focus on this aspect of the game.

The presentation is nice and bright and I love the designs of the Ooblets themselves. The human characters are kind of weird, especially the character you play as in the way he walks and turns. It is not bad or anything like that and the more I think about it, I guess it kind of fits in with the quirky style that Ooblets is going for.

Even though it appears Ooblets is far from finished there is more than enough content here to keep you busy. The game is great for those who enjoy stuff like Pokémon and Stardew Valley. I have had a blast (so has my son) and I am very interested to see what new areas, Ooblets, and quests they add to the game in future updates.

Ooblets is a farming game with a lot of role-playing games elements. Download it now and create a farm of your dreams.
9 Total Score
Ooblets Review Summary

  • I love the many different Ooblets in the game
  • The dancing battles are fun and can require more skill than you would think
  • The graphics are nice and colorful
  • It is very easy to get into
  • It mixes elements of many other popular games
  • Not sure when it will be finished
  • The main character sure as hell walks weird!
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