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For those of us that have ever wanted to take on the toils of being a mother without the physical pain of labor and the financial costs of raising a family, there’s Mother Simulator, a casual indie simulation from Steppe Hare Studio that places you in the role of a young mother caring for her newborn infant in what is probably one of the more unique titles available right now on Steam.

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You can download Mother Simulator from the online Steam platform. To begin – click on the Download button which is placed towards the end of this review.

The Game Review

Let’s face it – being a parent is difficult, and probably not a job for most of us. But if you’ve ever wanted to confirm your belief in your lack of parenting skills or show the world how you’re a burgeoning den mother, then Mother Simulator gives you that opportunity by more or less tasking you with the same kinds of activities many young mothers face.

Though Harebrained Studios touts the ultimate goal of the game as being a smile on your child’s face, there is also the reward in knowing that you can master such tasks as grappling with explosive diarrhea or nonstop crying. Yes, those are the kinds of things you will be asked to resolve and it imbues the title with humor and novelty, all at the same time!

Mother Simulator is similar to other caretaker games like the ubiquitous Tamagotchi craze of the 1990s or the more recent hatchimals. As part of the game, you will feed, clean, show love for, and do whatever your baby may need at the time in order to keep it happy and advance the game.

But that doesn’t mean that Mother Simulator fails to delve into the somewhat fantastical, even placing players in ridiculous situations – like a sudden ice age, for example, in which the entire floor becomes coated in a sheet of ice.

And did we mention the whole thing is presented under the guise of a game show?

How’s that for unique?

Yes, Mother Simulator is actually a live-audience game show (which might remind you of the similar concept in Neighbours from Hell or more recent Ben and End or Darwin Project) while you play with all of the groans, laughter, and sighs that come along with the format.

Another interesting twist is that Mother Simulator also makes you tend to your own needs as a parent. You need to not only feed your baby but also make time to feed yourself in between taking care of all the tasks of a young mother. You can even get sick so watch out for food poisoning.

Something else to consider while playing Mother Simulator is that the humor can often be accidental – you’re gonna be dealing with a lot of pooping, peeing, and gurgling. If you’re easily grossed out, this game might be a tough thing to handle because it does not hold back and nor will any child when nature calls. Just something to keep in mind.

In case you’re uncomfortable with all of the malevolent stuff people could potentially do in Mother Simulator, the game show premise of the game is also backed up by the conceit that the baby is a robot, not a human child. This heads off a lot of the controversy that would probably otherwise accompany such a title so enjoy Mother Simulator without fear of ruining a young child’s life with your inadequacy as a parent.

Mother Simulator
Mother Simulator is a game in which you have to face duties of a parent who needs to care for her (or his) baby. Download the game and enjoy (or endure) the daily chores, routines, and challenges of having a child.
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