Darwin Project

Darwin Project is a Battle Royale game in which the players have to eliminate each other until there is only one winner. The developer of the game is the Canadian studio Scavengers. The setting for the game is wintery locations in The Northern Rocky Mountains in Canada. The game presents a post-apocalyptic vision of the world. The player has a choice of characters who are endowed with special skills. They are the convicts who fight for life and death. The goal of their struggle is to choose a survival champion in a  reality show, which is supervised by the program director. The graphics in Darwin Project are in the style of comic books drawings.  If you like the battle royale games you should also check out another great game of this genre – Realm Royale.

How to Download Darwin Project

To download Darwin Project, click on the Download button at the end of the review of this winter-themed Battle Royale. The debut of the game in the open beta phase was planned for Windows PC and Xbox One in the spring of 2018. In fact, the game was released on March 8, 2018. Between March 23-26 and March 30 – April 2, 2018, the game was tested in co-op/PvP mode. The two-player teams were supposed to fight against all adversities and, of course, against other duos. The game finally was released as Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview title.

Darwin Project – a downloadable game in early access on Windows PC and Xbox One is available for $ 14.99.

The Hardware Requirements

These are the minimum hardware requirements for the Darwin Project:

  • Dual-Core4GHz+ processor,
  • 4 GB of RAM,
  • Graphics card GTX 750, GTX 660,
  • DirectX 10,
  • operating system Windows 7 and higher, 64-bit,
  • at least 6 GB of free disk space.

However, the developers recommend equipment with such parameters:

  • Quad Core 2.4Ghz + processor,
  • 8 GB of RAM,
  • graphics card GTX 970, GTX 1060,
  • DirectX Version 11.

The Gameplay in Darwin Project

In Darwin Project, the players will be able to use such abilities as tracking opponents or setting various traps. As we have already mentioned, the fight takes place between players, but they also have to deal with unpredictable and harsh nature. So during the game, you need to use special powers, look for new weapons and pay attention to the changing weather conditions.

The game allows for 10 players to fight. They are the convicts fighting for survival. Another player is the person who runs the whole show. The show director has a lot of influence on the course of the fate of the players because he can:

  • block or open access to selected areas of the map,
  • change the physics parameters in any area,
  • drop bombs to specific areas,
  • provide information on the location of one of the players to others.

However, the “twelfth player” is the audience. The spectators can influence the show director’s decisions. They can vote for any player to receive benefits like special heals or to be doomed b air strikes. Thus the audience’s favorite may win. A bit like in a football match.

Darwin Project
Darwin Project is a Battle Royale, in which the characters controlled by the players take part in a reality show that is also a science experiment. In this third-person perspective game, the winner is the one who will become the last man or woman alive.
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