Neighbors from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game

Neighbors from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game is a rather unusual puzzle game with strategic elements added to the mix. The player takes the role of the main character – a man named Woody, who participates in a reality TV show. The game’s main theme is the relationship between Woody and his neighbor who lives in the same block of flats.

How to Download Neighbors From Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game

The game can be downloaded from Steam or GOG as a part of Neighbors from Hell Compilation. The game is also available as a free downloadable demo.

The Story and How to Play

The goal for the player in the game is to come up with various pranks and unleash these ideas on his neighbor. To achieve it we can hide For in several hiding places and use other ways that will help us with camouflage. This will make our neighbors increasingly upset about not being able to catch us and properly retaliate. In addition, we have to remember about the audience, after all, it is a reality show. All the jokes and pranks picks must be executed according to the highest standards to meet the expectations of the audience and fully satisfy it. Thus, it is the order of jokes, as well as their intensity which counts at the end, when it’s time to count the player’s score. So if it is our ambition to achieve the highest score possible, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Consequently, it is necessary to have a creative approach as irritating the neighbor becomes an art.

The whole game consists of 14 truly elaborate scenarios. During them, the player must solve different tasks. At first glance, they are very simple, but soon it turns out that quite the contrary – they are complicated as hell. When we find ourselves in the house of our neighbor – Mr. Rottweiler – we must also watch for the unruly animals who live in the house. They are a parrot and a dog, who, as soon as they notice us, immediately inform their owner about the intrusion.

Who Will We Meet in Neighbors from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game?

In the game, we will make acquaintance with the following characters:

  • Woody – this is our main character. He is 25 years old and 5.6 feet tall. He’s wearing a blue-and-white sweater, which has a white-red strip on his chest, brown shoes, and white jeans. Woody is known for his talent for hilarious pranks which make his neighbor furious. He hates Woody.
  • Rottweiler – is the neighbor who honestly resents Woody. Not surprisingly, as he is constantly being bothered, by his pranks. He is 5.8 feet tall and wears green shorts, an undershirt, and a pair of pink flip-flops.
  • Chili – this is Mr. Rottweiler’s parrot. It lives in the living room and has the ability to notify its master about Woody’s presence.
  • Guard Dog is the neighbor’s dog, He’s not a friend of Woody, When it senses his presence it starts barking to summon his owner.

The Sequel to the Game

The original game was launched in 2003. One year later it received a sequel: Neighbors from Hell 2: On Vacation which is also included in the abovementioned Neighbors from Hell Compilation.

Neighbours from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game
Neighbors from Hell: Revenge is a Sweet Game is a strategy game with elements of a puzzle game and a point and click adventure. Download it today and create a living hell for your neighbor.
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