Going Medieval

Today we are taking a closer look at Going Medieval. Going Medieval is the latest colony sim/city building game to come out this year and as of writing the game is still in early access. Games like RimWorld have to be an inspiration for this as it does share some similarities to that.

How to Download Going Medieval

You can download the fame from Steam. To start, click on the Download button that is located below this review.

The Game Review

I thought that the premise of this game was one that was really cool. As the name suggests, the game takes place during medieval times, but it is an alternate history kind of game. Here the Black Plague is a million times worse, it is so bad that 95 percent of the world’s population has died!

You are a leader! You need to lead a new civilization as mankind tries to flourish. You have a group of settlers and you need to go from humble beginnings to ensuring that people are happy and your civilization thrives. To be honest, apart from the black death thing, it is the same story you have experienced a million times in a game like this.

The building mechanics are what set Going Medieval apart from the rest. While at first glance, building your city looks the same as in other games. What is neat here is that you can build up! By this I mean you can build castles and other really tall buildings. It does not sound like much, but this is a ton of fun and one of the most addictive aspects of the game.

People make the world go round and keeping your people happy is what you will be spending most of your time doing. I like how each person has their own needs, personality and story. The basics are of course them having a roof over their head and being fed, but there are many other complex things that you have to take care of too. Like other games of this style, keeping everyone happy is near impossible!

As is the case with other colony sims, you have to fight for what you have built. The main things that will be coming after you here are wolves and bandits. They will try and destroy what you have built so you will need to have defenses to fight them off. This can be quite exciting, but I feel there is something missing here.

Ok, so I know this might just be my own personal preference. However, I feel that there could have been some more “fun” enemies here. I think this was a chance to add a bit of “fantasy” to the game where they could have had some cool monsters to fight. I think this would have made it even more exciting.

If you like colony sims and city-building games then I am sure you will like Going Medieval. Even in this early access state, there is a lot to sink your teeth into. The building aspect alone makes this worth playing as it is one of the best I have encountered in a game like this.

Going Medieval
Going Medieval is a post-apocalyptic (most of the world's population were killed by a plague) medieval city-builder. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Going Medieval Review Summary

  • I liked the idea of this super black plague!
  • The presentation of the game is very high-quality
  • It has some of the best building mechanics of any city building game!
  • Keeping your people happy can be quite addictive
  • I feel that the enemies are quite uninspired
  • The game has a deep learning curve as most games like this do
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