RimWorld is a downloadable game that belongs to the genre of economic strategy game. The player’s goal is to manage a colony located on an alien planet. The title reminds a bit of the Tycoon series, but the setting is completely different. The production of the game has been done by an independent studio Ludeon Studios, for which it is their commercial debut. The title was released on January 14, 2014, and is currently in early access. RimWorld will run only on PCs with Windows.

How to Download RimWorld

The game can be downloaded online from the Steam platform.

The Story in the Game

RimWorld lets you play as a commander and manager of an extraterrestrial colony. The game story concerns the fate of three astronauts who are the only survivors of a spaceship catastrophe. The game provides only an introduction to the story that you will continue to develop and write on your own. It’s totally up to you whether you will be able to save the lives of your subordinates. The game features an interesting narrative system known from Left for Dead. There are three different narrators that offer a slightly different style of play. These are Cassandra Classic who will slowly increase the difficulty of the game, Phoebe Chillax who will give you sometimes a break between the negative events, and Randy Random who will turn the game in random chaos as far as the intensity of the bad and the good events is concerned.

Artificial intelligence in the game generates random events, such as pirate forays or visits by space merchants. The game is smart enough to choose a new random event based on how well you are doing at the moment.

RimWorld: The Mechanics of the Game

The mechanics of the game, in spite of appearances, are quite elaborate. The worlds are generated randomly, which means that you will never visit the same location twice. The system chooses in which ecosystem to put you and what resources you should be given. There are a lot of available settings as the game can be played in a dozen of ecosystems. You will play in extreme heat,  extreme cold, extreme desert and the like.

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An interesting feature of RimWorld is how it differentiates the skills and characteristics of individual settlers. Each one is different and has unique capabilities. So apart from the economic aspect and the colony’s management, you will have to prudently decide on the division of tasks among the population. For example, a farmer will not be fit for research, and a lawyer may refuse to do physical work. During the game, you will be able to build buildings, produce food, collect resources, trade and develop your colony. Although the game is an economic title, the developers have decided to also develop a combat system. The characters can use shields and shoot from behind the corners of the buildings.

What is the Graphics in RimWorld Like?

The design of the game is maintained in the pixel art style, thus making RimWorld look like a title from the 80s and the 90s. The gameplay is presented from a bird’s eye view. RimWorld also has full support for fan modifications, and now there are many of them that can dramatically enhance the gameplay. The game is constantly being supported and developed by the creators as evidenced by continuous patches and improvements.

RimWorld is a strategic science fiction game in which you are supposed to maintain a colony on an alien planet. Download the game today and listen to the tales of the intelligent narrator.
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