Factorio is an independent economic strategy game created by two programmers from the Czech Republic. It is available for download from Steam. The player is on a foreign planet where his task is to build many factories, and also make sure they operate flawlessly. The duties include the development of transportation systems, the acquisition of raw materials and the protection of the premises.

How to Download Factorio

To download the game, go to Steam.

How did the Game Come into Being?

The title of the game was invented by Czech programmers who worked for Wube Software. They have always been fascinated by such productions as Civilization, Transport Tycoon, or SimCity – and these titles served as role models for their game. The Factorio project was funded by Indiegogo in 2013 and soon after, the playable alpha version was released.

The Game Mechanics in Factorio

In this production, the main task of the player is to build factories and manage them on the alien and dangerous planet. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of obtaining the necessary resources needed to build more buildings. In addition, it is important to optimize the production lines, for example by continuously improving the methods of transporting goods to the place where they are processed. Another method of development is to introduce new, innovative technologies that are discovered in research centers. On top of this, the player should also think about the safety of the factories and their proper protection, as they are continually being attacked by the indigenous creatures of the planet. For this purpose you need to set up defensive walls and turrets, you can also attack the enemy headquarters themselves.

The action in Factorio is watched from the camera, which is placed high above the industrial area. The game can be played out either in free play mode or as a campaign. Of course, the creators of Factorio have taken care to design levels of varying difficulty.

The factories consist of not only walls and buildings, but also their rich equipment, including robots, machines, and laboratories, as well as weapons like rocket launchers, flamethrowers, or mines. In addition, there is a transportation system, which role is to transport the parts created in the factories to their destination. Factorio provides also support for fan modifications and for the map editor.

Factorio – How to Play the Game

This is the guide on how to start the adventure in this strategy game, and how to complete it. We will learn this from the Factorio game trailer. The beginnings of the game are quite easy, but after some time it is difficult to produce items without help. We must, therefore, create factories that will do the job for us. Subsequently, the engines, refineries, microprocessors, railways, power stations, robots,  and research centers are being built. And of course, we still have to do something about the hostile inhabitants of the planet. They are beasts with big teeth and claws and insect-like abdomens. They react with aggression against the pollution which factories are responsible for.

In Factorio, you have to work constantly – somewhere a factory can run out of resources or power. Suddenly you can discover you are under attack. The game requires your constant attention.

Factorio is a strategy game in a two-dimensional world in which we manage factories and protect them against monster attacks. Download the game and show your genius.
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