Science Fiction Games

The Mitchells vs. the Machines


Brought to us by Sony and put out on Netflix, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a tremendous animated family movie that will make you laugh the whole way through it. This was one of the many movies ...



M. Night Shyamalan is one of those mainstay Hollywood directors who manages to create films that are so visionary and unique that he has a trademark style named after him. The Shyamalan-like film ...

Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West is was one of my most wanted (probably top three) games of 2022. Like many people who have a PS5, I purchased the PS4 version to save myself £20 and took advantage of the free ...

Independence Day: Resurgence


Hollywood has been obsessed with nostalgia for YEARS, it's rare to see a movie that isn't a sequel or reboot in theaters nowadays. So it's inevitable that the highest-grossing film of 1996, ...

Aliens: Fireteam Elite


Thanks to just coming on Xbox Game Pass I was able to spend a bit of time with Aliens: Fireteam Elite on the Xbox Series X. Now, there are actually way more good Aliens games than there are bad ones. ...

Halo Infinite


Is Halo Infinite worth the wait? Yes, this is the exclusive game that the Xbox Series X has been waiting for. It is also on PC and Xbox One, but I played the game on Xbox Series X. It is crazy to ...



Over the weekend I had a lot of fun with the Kickstarter success story, Undungeon. While it is available on Steam, I played Undungeon thanks to it also being available on Game Pass. It is a ...

Men in Black 3


When writing about The Men in Black 3 we have to note that The Men in Black films have always been some of the most prominent action-comedy films, and films that despite having a premise that sounds ...

Freddy in Space 2

Editor's choice Freddy-in-Space-2-05

Freddy in Space 2 is a fun spin-off from the Five Nights At Freddy’s Franchise. This was brought to us by the creator of the series and it was done to help raise funds for St. Jude Children's ...

Science Fiction games are set in fantastic worlds of the distant future, where space travel and sophisticated futuristic technology are commonplace. Psionic abilities, such as extrasensory perception, precognition or psychokinesis also play an important role. Science fiction games make a clear distinction between previously mentioned abilities and magic, which is a typical element of fantasy worlds and games.

The development of the genre began in the eighties, mainly due to Star Wars phenomenon, which undoubtedly influenced the pop culture. It often happens that science fiction worlds are much more complex than, for example, fantasy worlds, and this is evidenced by extensive descriptions of militaria, various trade organizations, and even galaxies and their inhabitants.

The developers of science fiction games often get inspiration from the literature on similar topics, which results in science fiction games being divided into yet more subgenres and varieties. These are, for example, space opera or increasingly popular cyberpunk games. Space opera is a subgenre that focuses on the inner experiences of the protagonist who participates in space battles or interplanetary journeys. The name is not coincidentally associated with soap opera movies. The soap part of the names comes from the fact that first this term was meant to be a bit contemptuous, but science fiction fans adopted the name and the negative associations disappeared.

Cyberpunk games gather a large crowd of fans, thanks to the incredibly interesting plots and dystopian cyberspace. The outbreak of fascination with cyberpunk is not a strange phenomenon, we are dealing with rebellion against the world’s ruling corporations, the dark atmosphere, and the moral decomposition accompanying technological progress. Pessimistic visions of the world presented in such games as the Metal Gear series or the classic Deus Ex are simultaneously attracting and scaring. Other classic science fiction games are the Wing Commander and Mass Effect series, as well as strategy games such as Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space, and Master of Orion.

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