Crysis Warhead

While many people talk about the first game and the trilogy to an extent. Crysis Warhead for the most part kind of gets ignored. This is a shame as I would say that this is probably a more “fun” experience than what the original Crysis offered. Originally released in 2008, this is a solid shooter that deserves way more attention.

The plot of the game takes place at the same time as the original Crysis. What is pretty cool about this is that the events in Warhead are taking place on the other side of the island. So, you are still dealing with the same alien threat and so on, but from a different point of view. You also play as a different character.

This time we are playing as Sargant Michael Sykes who goes by the name Psycho! He is buddies with Nomad from the first game. The story in Crysis Warhead is a lot more straight to the point and action-packed than the first game. It does only last five to seven hours, but it is one hell of a thrill ride while it lasts.

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The Game Review

It is best not to think of this as a full-on sequel. It is more of an expansion of the first game. Yet, despite that it came on its own disk, in modern terms think of it like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I say that because it is its own game, but at the same time, you are not getting as big an experience as you did with the original.

You cannot talk about Crysis without talking about the visuals and once again this is a gorgeous looking game. For me, it looks a tad better than the original, they got the best they could out of this engine and really managed to nail all of the little finer details here. There is a lot of variety to the areas on the island and the alien designs are really awesome.

While the campaign may be short, it is fun while it lasts. I will say that Crysis Warhead is far more linear than the first game was. Many levels are straightforward kind of deals, but a couple do have that open sandbox feel that the first game is famous for. It keeps you more focused and as a result, the firefights happen far more frequently in this game.

You still have your badass power suit and using it is just as much fun here as it was in the first game. They also give you a few new weapons such as a machinegun you can dual wield and this awesome grenade launcher. While the game is over before you know it, you are having so much fun that you probably will just jump straight back into it.

It is worth noting that they did also include a revamped multiplayer with this. They rebalanced a lot of stuff, included over 20 maps, and added in a new mode called, Team Instant Action Mode. While I did not play the multiplayer back in the day, most people felt it was an improvement.

While Crysis gets all of the attention. I do feel that even though it is a lot shorter, Crysis Warhead is just as good if not a tad better. I kind of wish they included this with the Crysis remaster that they made recently. If you have just gotten into the franchise thanks to that remaster, I highly recommend that you check this out.

Crysis Warhead
Crysis Warhead is a stand-alone expansion to the first Crysis game. Download it now and see what happened on the other side of the island.
9 Total Score
Crysis Warhead Review Summary

  • Same island, different problems!
  • I really enjoyed the story
  • The game once again looks fantastic
  • They added in a few cool new weapons
  • A lot of work went into the multiplayer
  • The campaign is very short,
  • Psycho may have a bit too much “tude” for some people
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