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I love the BioShock series, as a matter of fact, BioShock Infinite is a top-five game of all time for me. People always talk about the first game and Infinite, but BioShock 2 often gets ignored. I recently played it again thanks to the collection on PS4 (and also Xbox One and PC) and had a fantastic time.

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The events of the game take place ten years after what went down in BioShock 1. Rapture is falling apart even more and you play as “Subject Delta”. What is cool about this is that you are a Big Daddy and you are looking for your Little Sister, Elenore. You were left for dead by Sofia Lamb and thanks to Tenenbaum from the first game and your Little Sister, you are on the hunt for her and to stop Sofia Lamb.

First of all, playing as a Big Daddy is cool, but I think the stakes of having to get your Little Sister back, drive you forward more than the story in the first game did. It is pretty powerful stuff and I know that it kept me well and truly invested in what was going on. The new enemies in this game are called Big Sisters and these things are more terrifying than the Big Daddies!

The Big Sisters are much quicker, creepier looking and on higher difficulties are very challenging to kill. Like in the first game, you come across Little Sisters that you can either save or harvest for their ADAM. ADAM is what lets you get better powers in the game. I for one saved every Little Sister I came across and that is the way you get the good ending.

I have to say that the gameplay has not changed a great deal from the first BioShock. Playing as a Big Daddy does mean that you can use that badass drill, but it requires fuel so it can spin. Once again, you can get plasmids that will allow you to have many special kinds of abilities. These range from telekinesis, fire, ice, and more.

You can now use a weapon in one hand and a plasmid in the other which makes for some cool combinations. My favorite was using the ice plasmid to freeze enemies and then using my drill to smash them in. there are plenty of weapons that you can get and from vending machines, you can buy ammo, items, and from special ones, upgrade your plasmids too.

I found that the start of the game was pretty damn tough. The Splicers were merciless and often, you come across more than one at a time. It is strange as I feel all the BioShock games are weird in that they get easier the further into the game you get. That is not a bad thing, just an observation.

Rapture once again looks fantastic, even if there are more water and cracks than there was before. I do feel that Rapture has lost a bit of its wow factor and perhaps that is why this game is not as fondly remembered as the first?

I think all three of the BioShock games are fantastic and this one more than holds its own. The story that BioShock 2 is telling is better than the first, but the gameplay has not evolved a great deal. To be fair, I do not think that it had to, it gave me exactly what I wanted and that was more BioShock!

BioShock 2
BioShock 2 is a first-person perspective shooter game in a steampunk setting. Download it now and visit Rapture, and underwater dystopian metropolis.
8 Total Score
BioShock 2 Review Summary

  • It has a great story
  • There are different endings
  • Using plasmids is once again really cool
  • Rapture is still a great place to explore
  • The Big Sisters are very creepy!
  • Not much in the way of innovation in the gameplay department
  • I am still not sure why this one is not as loved as the first
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