The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Brought to us by Sony and put out on Netflix, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a tremendous animated family movie that will make you laugh the whole way through it. This was one of the many movies that were derailed by Covid-19 and that was why it ended up being shown on Netflix instead of in the theatres.

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The Movie Review

The movie has a stacked cast with the likes of Danny McBride, Olivia Colman, Maya Rudolph, Abbi Jacobson, and Mike Rianda. I got a pretty big kick out of a small role for NBA star Blake Griffin too! The main character is a teenager called, Kate Mitchell who has dreamed of being a filmmaker for years.

Kate makes movies at home with her dog as the star! She is just about to go away to film school and she is excited to be around people more like her. However, there is a robot uprising led by my PAL who is a virtual assistant that is sick of the way people use technology. The robots basically take over the world, but there is one thing stopping them!

The Mitchells are your typical dysfunctional family. However, it is this disfunction that Pal cannot deal with and ultimately what makes them such a great and special family. I have to say that my favorite character in the entire movie is the little brother, Aaron. Aaron is obsessed with dinosaurs and it is hilarious when he is calling random people in the phone book to try and talk about dinosaurs.

The dad just wants the family to spend more time together and to connect more, the mom wants approval from everyone, and they just on the outside seem like a mess. Yet, you can sense that they really do care about each other as the movie progresses, it really is just a good heartwarming family story.

A good heartwarming family story that is wrapped around a sci-fi action movie! The action here is great and features some awesome moments, however, the comedy and family dynamic is really the main focus of the story here. This is one of those family movies that really is fun for the whole family. From the kids to the grandparents, everyone will have a fun time watching this.

One thing I have to say about The Mitchells vs. the Machines is that it looks fantastic. Sony Animation makes some of the most amazing-looking animated movies and they do not get the credit they deserve for it. From the facial animations and the intense action set pieces, this really is a joy for the eyes.

As good as the movie looks, the sound design here is just outstanding! If you have a Dolby Atmos soundbar, you will be blown away by the Dolby Atmos track that the movie has. It really is like being in a movie theatre. Out of all the Netflix stuff I have seen over the last year, this movie has the best Dolby Atmos track!

I really had a fun time with The Mitchells vs. the Machines and it is a real shame that Sony was not able to get this in theatres. It is a rare family movie that is not just for kids, but for the whole family. We had a great time watching this movie and I would not mind one bit if my wife or son suggested watching it again anytime soon.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines
The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a 2021 animated comedy film about a family who single-handedly fights a robots uprising. Download it now.
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