Crysis 2

Following up on one of the most talked-about games of its day is no easy task. I feel that Crysis 2 is actually a better game in pretty much every way than the first. This time, consoles were getting in on the action as the game was also released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The plot is much more interesting than it was in the first game. The first game took a tad too long to get to the good sci-fi stuff, but this game does not. Set in a decimated New York City, you once again are fighting off an alien threat that is threatening mankind. The aliens this time around are way cooler and have better tech than they did in the first game.

As well as aliens, you have to deal with human soldiers as well. You see, you were given the power suit from the first game and now a secret agency wants it! It is a good mixture of fighting aliens to save the Earth and bad dudes who want power, but only for themselves.

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The Game Review

The gameplay is once again that of a first-person shooter, but this time things are more streamlined. This is especially evident in the way that you control your suit’s abilities. You may think this would be a negative, but I feel you have way more options at your disposal now.

For example, you can go into a stealth mode and sneak around the enemies and take them out quietly. You can have this supervision (think like the Predator) that allows you to see your enemy’s heat signatures. You then have my favorite, which basically makes you a walking tank, able to take a lot of damage and kick a great deal of ass as well.

The weapon system is fantastic with some awesome alien weapons that can be customized. I was quite surprised at how deep the weapon customization was. I liked how the game did not just throw ammo at you though. This means that as well as using the cool weapons, you do have to rely on your suit a great deal.

The campaign is a tad on the short side if you ask me, but to be fair I was having so much fun I wanted it to last longer. The missions that you do are quite clever in that the game gives you a lot of freedom in how you do them. Sneaking around one second to take out one group of enemies, before going balls to the wall with your powered-up ability to take out the remaining guys is one of my favorite strategies.

I do feel that I need to talk about the console versions of this game. I played through it on the Xbox 360 and while playable, the console did struggle. From textures being slow to load in, to the console sounding like a jet engine. Clearly, this game pushed the 360 to its limits and I am sure it is the same for the PlayStation 3.

There is also a multiplayer component here. To be honest with you I never dabbled in the multiplayer, but those that did speak highly of it. There was a decent amount of game modes for you to play and I am sure if you are playing on PC, you can probably still find a community to this day.

I thought that Crysis 2 was a fantastic game. The first game was great, but Crysis 2 does what that does and more. The setting and story were awesome and above all else, the game is just a blast to play. The presentation is once again amazing and it often feels like you are playing through a massive Hollywood movie!

Crysis 2
Crysis 2 is a sequel to the acclaimed science fiction first-person perspective shooter game. Download it now.
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Crysis 2 Review Summary

  • The setting is really cool
  • I liked using the suit's abilities
  • Plenty of cool weapons to use
  • The game looks amazing
  • It is a thrill ride the whole time you are playing
  • I wish it was a little longer
  • The console ports while playable are not as spectacular as the PC
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