Destroy All Humans!

The original Destroy All Humans! was a fun romp when it was released on PS2 and Xbox well over a decade ago. This remaster of the game was one that I was very looking forward to. The game manages to keep the same charm that it had back in 2005 as well as pretty much everything else for better or worse!

The story is once again exactly the same. You play as an alien who along with his “master” has come to Earth to take it over. The 1950s setting is awesome and in general, I love the whole thing that they have going on here. The story does not take itself too seriously and it feels like a campy sci-fi flick that would have been a big hit in the 60s.

As well as the story being the same so is the voice acting! The voice acting to be fair is not that bad, but the sound quality leaves a great deal to be desired. It is like they just ripped it right off a PS2 disc and slapped the sound files here. As well as the quality not being great, you hear the same lines over and over again.

How to Download Destroy All Humans!

You can download the game by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. You can also get a free demo for PC or free trial for Xbox One.

The Game Review

The presentation is pretty well done. Considering this is not a full-price AAA release I am impressed with how much work went into the visuals. Sure, the levels may not be full of details, but things are nice, clean, and well detailed. This is especially true for the game’s cutscenes which look fantastic.

Gameplay is very similar to what it was back in 2005 and I mean that in a positive and negative way. You run around each level in the 3rd person and you usually have two types of missions to do. These tend to be where you just rain down destruction with your awesome alien weapons and alien telekinesis ability.

In addition to the more “mayhem” filled missions. You also have stealth missions; these can be fun as you brain zap the humans and take their appearance so you can sneak around undetected. It may not be Splinter Cell level stuff, but I found the sneaking around in Destroy All Humans! a lot of fun, mainly due to how simple it was.

Each level will have different missions for you to complete. You can do these in a straightforward manner if you like. However, it is worth going back and replaying levels to do the extra missions/challenges as these can help you progress through the game in terms of getting upgrades.

As well as the on feet sections of the game, you also get to pilot a UFO and cause even more destruction. I have mixed feelings about piloting the UFO. On one hand, blowing stuff up while flying a UFO is awesome. Yet, the controls are kind of strange and do take a while to get the hang of.

Only one new mission has been added to the game which is a tad disappointing. In all fairness, this is not a full “remake” it is a remaster so in a way I understand why this is the case. You are probably looking at 20 hours max to do everything that the game has for you, including those extra missions and challenges.

I thought that this was a fun game over ten years ago and I still feel that it is a fun game now. While it certainly feels like a game that was made back in 2005 that is not a bad thing. Destroy All Humans! is a fun distraction that has a great sense of humor, a rather unique setting and it allows you to cause chaos while playing as an alien!

9.5 Total Score
Destroy All Humans! Review Summary

  • It has a great sense of humor
  • It has a few different gameplay styles
  • Some of the alien weapons are hilarious (anal probe!)
  • There are extra missions you can do
  • The presentation is great, especially the cut scenes
  • The voice acting quality is not good at all
  • I found piloting the UFO to be a real pain in the butt (no anal probe pun intended)
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Black Forest Games, Pandemic Studios
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