Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon is a sci-fi narrative-driven puzzle/adventure game. I would say that you could make the argument this could fit into the walking simulator category. This is actually available on Xbox Game Pass and that is how I experienced the game, but it is also available on PC too.

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The Game Review

The story and the setting are what really grabbed my attention with this game. It is set in the near future and Earth has pretty much used up all the resources and how the planet is a right mess. A company is set up called The World Space Agency to try and find a new source of energy from the stars and they found it on the moon.

In a short period of time, they set up a colony on the moon, and through some fancy technology, they are able to “beam” the energy back to Earth. This was mankind’s last hope and for a while, it worked. Then one day the energy just stopped and communications with the moon base went silent.

Years go past and a small group is able to scrounge together enough resources to send up a lone astronaut to try and get the power back on and figure out what happened. What I loved about the story is the way that at its core it is a sci-fi story, but much of what we are dealing with on Earth right now feels like it could lead to something like this so that was very interesting.

The story is filled in by finding documents and these holo-recordings that were left behind by the crew on the moon base. There are no enemies for you to fight in this game. One interesting thing is that you play in both first and third-person viewpoints, it all depends on what the situation calls for. You need to solve various puzzles in the game.

Puzzles are never too cryptic and I would actually say they get close to being very easy. Still, due to floating in a creepy abandoned space station, you never feel at ease. You have a few tools at your disposal such as this laser cutter thing and best of all a friendly little drone that can be used for tighter spots.

As this is a game that is set in space, you get to float around in zero-gravity. The controls in zero-gravity do take a while to get used to and you never truly feel comfortable. While this can be frustrating, I do think that it was by design to make you never feel 100 percent comfortable in your surroundings.

The presentation of Deliver Us The Moon is fantastic. I was shocked when I found out this was just a small independent team that made this. I say that because the presentation has a very high level of polish to it. From the way, the game looks to the fantastic sound design. The sound in particular is excellent with stellar voice acting and a very fitting score.

I really enjoyed my time playing through Deliver Us The Moon. It tells such an interesting story and I highly recommend you read as little about the story as you can (or preferrably nothing) before you play it. While I played this on Game Pass, I will say that I had paid 20 or so bucks for it I would have considered that money well spent.

Deliver Us The Moon
Deliver Us The Moon is a science fiction action game with a fantastic story. Download it now and see how the world could be if Earth's resources were depleted.
9 Total Score
Deliver Us The Moon Review Summary

  • I found the story very interesting
  • I liked how it switched between first and third-person
  • The sound design is incredible
  • It is one of the more exciting “walking simulators” that I have played
  • I liked how straightforward the game was
  • Sometimes the zero-gravity controls can be a tad frustrating
  • As much as I loved the game, I am not sure it is the kind of game I would play more than once
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